What's your favorite deer cartridge? Elk cartridge?

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by John Dude, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. ribka

    ribka Active Member

    Not too many elk in Indiana last time I was there. I have seen many a deer completely total a car. And I know 3 guys that have died in elk vehicle collisions
  2. Upton O

    Upton O Blind hog fisherman

    There are a number of great calibers for mule deer and elk. I've used a 30.06 for the deer and moose, haven't had the insanity yet to chase elk. My understanding is they always die in places I don't want to pack them out of.

    My experience in big game hunting (moose, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope) is the caliber, while important, isn't the determining factor. Rather its the marksman shooting the rifle. Most rifles, scopes and calibers shoot much better than the guy shooting them.
  3. Jonathan Tachell

    Jonathan Tachell Active Member

    100 grain muzzy broad heads
  4. Shakedown

    Shakedown New Member

    .270 Ackley Improved in a 1948 FN Mauser M98. Load is 56 GRS RL19, R-P case, CCI LR Primers, and a 150 GR Speer BTSP.

    I hunt deer, bear, and elk with this setup.
  5. cmann886

    cmann886 Active Member

    For deer I use a 280 remington with a 140 gr. sierra bullet; Elk I like my .338 Winchester Mag. with a 250 gr. sierra boat-tail.

    My brother is into long range kills and uses a 257 weatherby for dear and big horn sheep. He use either a 30-378 or a 300 ultra mag. for elk and red stag. I don't remember the exact loads that he was using.
  6. Guy Gregory

    Guy Gregory Active Member

    What Gary said. Ought-six, 165 grain slug.

    It ain't the arrow, it's the indian.
  7. Jim Ficklin

    Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

    Don't hunt big game anymore, but for years I used a .300 Win Mag on everything. If I got back into it, I'd use a .270 for elk, 6.5 Grendel for 'Lopers/deer, .45/70 for anything in range (you can "eat right up to the hole" that big slug makes; harvested a couple buffalo with one . . . impressive round, even more so in modern rifles.) I lost my zeal for shooting belted magnums that "kill at one end & maim at the other" unless I'm in bear country & the .45/70 is along. All that being said, the venerable .30-06 can & has done it all, I just never wanted one as everyone in my family shot an '06.
  8. sandspanker

    sandspanker Member

  9. John Dude

    John Dude Learned skills from George Dickel

    Washington doesn't allow .22 cal centerfires for deer or elk, but some other states do. (.240 minimum)
    Does anyone have experience hunting deer with one of the .22 cal cartridges?
    Is the bullet really too small for clean kills in the hands of a good shooter and hunter?
    The army uses .22 cal against human enemy soldiers and doesn't seem to mind.
  10. David Prutsman

    David Prutsman All men are equal before fish

    Browning A-Bolt in 30-06 with a Nikon Monarch 5x20; 165gr Hornady SST with 49.5 grains of Varget behind it stopped a cow elk and four deer this season. I'm working up a load with a 110 grain v-max for coyote. Hard to argue the versatility of an ought six!
  11. Fly Away

    Fly Away New Member

    30-06. I used them for years, Springfield custom sporter, Model 70 Winchester, Model 77 Ruger. Always used 180 grain loads because I hunted brushy country. Never lost a deer or elk in the 58 years I hunted.
  12. John Dude

    John Dude Learned skills from George Dickel

    So I finally got the 260 Rem rifle. a 20" barrel model 7 stainless synthetic. hopefully combines the best ballistics of the 6.5 bullets, with the short column and short action of the 308 Win family/

    Should be the cat's pajamas for deer hunting
  13. LD

    LD Active Member

    30-06 has killed more deer, elk, ect than any other caliber I would guess. I used it or a 6mm for deer and antelope. 338 win mag for elk......nice gun.
  14. andrew

    andrew Active Member

    Will be my first year chuck'n 308 'rocks'. Based on what I've read I'm looking at 150-168 gr.
  15. John Dude

    John Dude Learned skills from George Dickel

    Usually the 155gr and 168gr bullets in cal .30 are Match target bullets. for Deer-sized I highly recommend the Sierra 165 gr Gameking, either HPBT or SBT versions
  16. Carbon Express 350 with 100 grain broadhead. Ahh archery the flyfishing of hunting.
  17. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    I use my Brother in Laws Barrett 50 cal. Not much left after the shot, but what is left is about medium rare and ready to serve. ;)

    Mostly ran either my old Winchester 30 30 pack hunting or my old Remington 30 06 for both deer and elk.
  18. Matthew LeBret

    Matthew LeBret Active Member

    I have always like the .270 I shoot 130gr for deer season and if I move to elk I go to 150gr. Great all around caliber that likes to shoot fast and straight.
  19. Loren Jensen

    Loren Jensen Active Member

    .280 or .25-06 for Deer, .30-06 or .300 short mag for Elk.
  20. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    I should add that I did start out on an old Winchester .270. Was a great rifle. Straight open sites. Never had a problem dropping Blacktail or Muley with it.

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