What's your favorite deer cartridge? Elk cartridge?

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  1. I noticed someone mentioned the 280 Rem on this post. I have a Kimber-rebuilt 1938 CZ Mauser, originally chambered in 280 Rem. I had it rebored to 280 Rem Ackley Improved, with the blownout straight case and 60 degree shoulder. It sends out the 7 mm bullets same speed or better as the Rem 7mm Mag's do, and burns only 2/3 the powder.

    I don't think there's a better cartridge for elk-sized game than that one.

    BTW - the 260 Rem (6.5-.308) superlight-weight rifle is incredible!
  2. Well... put the old Enfield back in the gun cabinet in favor of a new Remington CDF stainless, with a fluted barrel in .300wsm. The 180gr SST from Hornaday, driven by 64.2gr of IMF 4350 puts a three shot group in paper that a quarter will cover. So for the elk hunt in October, I'm dialed. Waiting for Mr. Potterfield to send me a .300 shell holder for my trimmer so I can load some Hornaday 150gr sst's for mulies.
  3. Must be a Sedro thing. Same here.
  4. I use the same rifle my grandfather used 30-40 Krag in a original Krag jorgensen rifle, been a proven combination since the rifle was made in 1902
  5. I was using my .270 for mule deer with Federal Fusion 150 grain bullets, however have switched to muzzleloader season for deer and shooting Barnes TMZ 250 grain sabots out of my .50 cal Knight Bighorn. For elk season I turn to my trusty Hoyt with Easton N Fused arrows with G5 Montecs.
  6. Did the barrell break-in and sighting in Friday. Good load was 120 gr SP Sierra bullets with 41. grains of IMR 4350. Got about 2775 fps, and less than 1 " 5-shot groups on a hot skinny-barrelled gun.

    A model M700 with a 24 or 26" heavy barrell would have blown these results away. I wish they would make those guns in this chambering.


  7. I use Rem 700 .270 for deer, and wouldnt hesitate to use it on an elk either if I loaded up some 150gr loads for it.

    For muzzleloader I was shooting a .54 TC Maxiball last year with 120gr of loose black powder out of a Lyman Deerstalker. This year I got a new modern style "inline" in .50 cal to try out, I hope to stick with the Maxiballs though
  8. John, I love .280AI. I have a custom built on a Remington Action. I shoot 168gr. Berger VLD and RL22. I haven't killed an elk with it yet, but a bunch of deer. I have shot a lot of elk with my .300RUM. From now on however, unless I think I'll have the opportunity for a real long shot like 700+, I will be taking the .280. It's just too fun to shoot, way lighter, no muzzle break so no real need for ear protection when hunting. My guns wear Leupold MK4s, but I really want to step up to Nightforce.

    I wish I had realized the logic of .280AI a while ago. It really is a pretty great cartridge for the reloader.

    What powder are you using with your AI? I didn't try all that many before settling on RL22. I like the performance of an Accubond over all other bullets and that's what I've taken most of my game with, but I just can't get away from the accuracy I'm seeing out of those Bergers, so I will keep shooting them.
  9. From my notebook:
    Sierra 150 gr spbt #1913
    first load Vit N160 60.0 gr
    top load 62.0 gr
    OAL 3.290

    Final hunting trip load Vit N160 62.0 gr, clock speeds 3065 - 3145 fps

    (I have gone up to 64.0 gr with Vit N160, but the accuracy wasn't as good as the load above)

    I also used IMR 4350 59.0 gr on Hornady 129 Gr bullets;
    IMR 4350 58.5 gr on Sierra 150 gr bullets;
    and Vit N140 47.5 gr on Sierra 140 gr bullets

  10. I just picked up a Rem Mountain rifle in .280 cal. Thinking of re-chambering into an AI. Barrel is only 22 inches though. Might be a bit short for an AI config
  11. I use a custom .338 win mag made by J.K.Cloward for elk, and for deer a 7x57 rifle made from a 98 mauser. for everything else I prefer a model 25 remington 32-20, I would use my savage model 99,made in 1917, 250-3000 but I can't shoot iron sights worth a damm anymore...
  12. Deer season ain't too far away. The 260 Model 7 is ready. The loads are worked up. The scope is sighted in. Now I just need to find someone near Bellevue Kirkland who can redo the trigger pull for me. All my old gunsmiths have vanished.
  13. Speaking of the 280 Ackley Improved. I noticed the new issue of American Riflemen has Kimber making it a standard chambering for their topline hunting bolt rifles
  14. I use a weeny 7mm Mauser that seems to get the job done. I use 140 grain Nosler Solid Bases and Ballistic Tips. (had to transition to the BT's when Nosler discontinued the SBs). I've shot somewhere around 30 critters with my rifle since I bought it in 1985.
  15. I shoot a browning A bolt .300WSM for deer and elk. Works wonders as long as i am not doe hunting.
  16. 7mm Rem Mag. I have a Ruger that I bought for this mission about 6 years ago and still haven't gone. I'll use it if I have inclement weather when I start glassing GMU 245 next month. Otherwise I will use the one below. 7MM Rem Mag as well. My great uncle did the work on this Mauser in 1977.

  17. That is some beautiful stock work!!!!
  18. I'm getting more and more of the opinion that Sierra bullets are better than others (except Nosler). I find the Hornady doesn't produce anything exceptional in the terminal end of the shot, and Sierra is usually a few dollars cheaper.
  19. 25-06 for light skinned and longer ranges, 338 win mag for the tough stuff. For heavier timber applications I utilize a .308 win featherwieght, can pack it all day long and never know its there
  20. Anyone on this thread ever use handgun for hunting? .41 mag is one I haven't ever shot. I find the .44 mag recoil is enough I can't concentrate on the shot.

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