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  1. Ok I liked hearing what everyone caught there first fish on but it had me wondering what is everyone's favorite fly? I know this changes from time to time and probably depends on the kind of fishing you are doing but over all what is your favorite fly? And pic's are a bonus!!! Mine is a Dave's hopper. I don't know why but that with a ant behind it has given me a lot of luck. So let me hear it???

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  2. Well....it used to be variations on the venerable Renegade (still a favorite...sooo versatile....wet or dry), but I've come to rely on the Olive Willy. I don't know what fish 'think' it is, other than 'food'.

    I don't fish dryflies much anymore...I agree with Denny Rickard that it's mostly smaller fish that hit most dryflies....the larger fish focus on the larger food 'packets'....sub-aquatic insects and minnows....on lakes, anyway.

    Unless there's a serious hatch on, I don't think flies that attempt to mimic a single aquatic insect are worth a shit....Except for catching fishermen. Anything that's suggestive of food, thrown in the right place at the right time, to unspooked feeding fish, does the trick. A decent cast, proper positioning, and a leader/tippet appropriate for conditions is far more important than pattern, IMHO.
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  3. I have to agree with some of this, I have found a stone fly to be the most productive for large fish in my part of the country. But I haven't tried Montana were I bet there are some monster browns that would love a juicy dry fly. I even landed summer steel on a stone fly before it hit the water mid air. It was epic, So I have made lots of variations and creations of different patterns pertaining to the specific river's and creek's I fish with excellent success. I'll try and find some photo's.

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  4. The Olive Willy, traditionally (as far as I know) a Stillwater pattern, has done really well for me in the smaller streams of Colorado on the swing followed by an erratic, jerky strip up stream.
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  5. Would love to see some pic's. And love the story of it hitting it before it touched the water!!!
  6. If I want to catch fish here in Montana, I use a black zebra nymph. If I want to catch Whitefish I use a red zebra nymph. And a Red SJW.

    I haven't had much luck with dries here. Fish are eating nymphs and not looking up for the few live flies out there.
  7. For rivers and streams during dry season It's a tie between the purple haze and the PMX. In cold weather I love a basic conehead zonker.

    I don't have much experience in stillwater, but so for I love a basic mohair leech like the ones tied by Troutpocket in a thread a few months ago. It's amazing what a pinch of marabou and some mohair yarn wrapped around a hook will do. It'll even work with just marabou or just yarn.
  8. 913649_10151312152327470_1329998213_o.jpg My go to is a black, peacock bugger with red rib; usually a size 4.
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  9. Old Man, you hang that zebra nymph as a dropper?


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  10. My favorite fly is the one that is working at the time. Otherwise, I don't pick favorites... it depresses the other patterns.
  11. muddler minnow gets it done, haven't really met a fish that hasn't gone after it.
  12. So is that pink you got worked into that stone?
  13. Ya pink or purple for steel. I try and get my fly's to imitate more then one creature. With any luck they look like there steeling eggs. The acrobatic steely's love the rubberleg's version's on caddis hook's.
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  14. Nice I will have to remember that!!! Glad it works for you.
  15. Soft hackle gold ribbed hare's ear
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  16. Spencer Higa's SOS in a #18 or #20, dropped off a Purple Haze. I can fish this rig for months in Montana.
  17. Builder is all over it... like a rat on a cheeto... or a brown on a Para Purple Haze!
  18. "rat on a cheeto"... Made me chuckle out loud...my wife asked who I was talking to.
  19. No. Two Flies, Both sinking flies. A SJW as the upper and the Zebra as bottom.
  20. Jimmy legs! Copper john is a close second

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