Whats your favorite Fly

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eric Denny, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    Adult Damsels and Dragons are neat flies. I have yet to catch a fish on one, but I really like the flies.
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  2. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    I like the October Caddis. A fun fly to experiment with and I've caught some great fish with them. Best time with the OC was fishing the little D in Tumwater. Right by the old brewery I found a hole full of trout who couldn't say no to the pumpkin fly. I watched them chase n fight over it one by on in a very aggressive way as the fly drifted over. I had eight to hand in about 40 minutes. Been in love with the fly since.
  3. IveofIone Active Member

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    Years of stillwater fishing have led me to conclude that fish most often see something that is olive brown, about 1/2'' to 5/8'' long and shaped like a common food source. Sure, they will take buggers or often short take them, they'll lip leeches and sometimes take the most outrageous thing in your fly box. But from opening day to the closer in fall one fly produces more for me than any other-a halfback nymph. The simple combination of pheasant tail, peacock herl and a wire rib on a size 14 hook is my go-to solution to a lot of stillwater mysteries. How they spot those little things in 25' of water amazes me but they take them confidently and forcefully with little of the hunt and peck routine you often get with wooly buggers. I fish them deep and real slow on a type VI or VII line and do very, very well.

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  4. Rick Todd Active Member

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    I agree in retrospect Patrick! (especially on the north side of 60!) But it was about 95 degrees that day and the layers kept coming off! As for my favorite fly-something big and foam, like a chubby chernoble. But really, I don't think the fly makes a lot of difference. If the fish are looking up, and you float the fly over them with a reasonable profile, you will catch fish! On stillwater, stripping a fly, any drab fly with a reasonable size will catch fish at the right depth when the fish are in the mood. Tonight at our fly club, Tim Lockhart (Ford Fenders) presented a pretty good case that if the fish are feeding, you can catch them (subsurface) with just about anything. If fact, he said he wrapped a hook with duct tape one day and caught about as many as he did with any other pattern. He also said that when the fish are near the surface, say taking callebaetis, then matching the hatch is much more important. Rick
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  5. Eric Denny It's summer time I'm fishing!!

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    Looks like you got a lot out of the speaker at your club tonight rick. Thats good and thanks for the insight.
  6. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    Sort of but no hackle at all. Amber shuck, callibaetis body dubbing, fine coastal deer pulled forward over a callibaetis dubbed thorax. The deer hair angles upward and forward. It also works sometimes when you drag it across the surface in a slow troll. I usually only do this when I get lazy and/or have to hit the beach to pee, but be danged if it doesn't pull a strike many times. Simple tie.
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  7. Gary Knowels Active Member

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    Man a lot of those small coastal rivers are stuffed with October Caddis, so much fun.
  8. Kcahill Active Member

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    A year or two ago i was working some weeds looking for fish and there was a HUGE dragonfly laying on the surface dead(I think?), i moved past it and was working my way around when I heard what sounded like a canon ball hit the water and i looked over and that dragonfly was gone. I quickly dug out the only dragon fly i keep in my box(foam body) and tied it on.

    I spent the next three hours staring at a dragonfly fly, twitching it once and a while but it didnt happen, I still have yet to catch a fish on one.

    My favorite would have to be a dragonfly nymph I tie up with the iced peacock dub sparkly stuff that gets viscous strikes from now into July.
  9. JohnB Member

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    Big fluffy dry flies are a blast. I've had some fun catching big West Slopes on those guys. I've just gotta get better at tying them and I will be set.
  10. Jeff Studebaker Kayak Fly Angler

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    My favorite fly is a Doc Spratley variation that I learned to tie on Fly Tying: The Angler's Art (here's the link - http://kwsu.org/Offers/FlyTying.aspx - it's the second fly in episode 311). I tie it in size 10-14 for lakes and it does pretty well for me. It's pretty versatile - you can amputate various parts to imitate whatever the fish are keying on. Clip the hackle short and lose the flash and you have a decent damsel nymph. Snip the center portion of the tail leaving a fork and you have a mayfly. Clip off all but a vertical swatch of hackle and you have an emerger. Clip all the hackle and flash off for a reasonable chironomid.

    That said, I do best fishing them whole, from a floating line, sinking line stripped, or even trolled (where I think the fish take it for a minnow).
  11. FLYFLICKER Chris

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    Royal Stimulator brings them up from the depths!

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  12. Eric Denny It's summer time I'm fishing!!

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  13. Jeff Studebaker Kayak Fly Angler

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    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1367032582.901914.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1367032593.534922.jpg

    Here's a couple bad pics of my Doc Spratley tie. This one was done with Hungarian partridge since pheasant rump was a bit too big for the size 12 hook.
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