Whats your favorite running/shooting line?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Thomas Williams, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    There seems to be quite a few on the market im interested to hear what your favorites are and why?
  2. Idaho steel Active Member

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    I typically fish longer lines, so I like the Airflo ridge. It shoots as well as I need to, and it's super comfy to handle. A close second is miracle braid, also from Airflo. It has no memory, floats great, easy to splice blind loops, shoots like blazes. Really, the only thing I dislike is its harder to hang onto than the ridge. Especially with cold, wet hands. I think if you were trying for distance the braid is the stuff, if you want easier handling, or max distance isn't as critical, ridge is great.
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Airflo ridge.
  4. Christian Brewer Super Slacker

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    I like Airflo Ridge also...or Amnesia.
  5. stilly stalker Tuna sniffer

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    airflo ridge, although I think I would want something different were I trying to chuck a skagit short over120'
  6. speyfisher Active Member

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    1. Monic .024Ø
    2. Monic .030Ø
    3. Airflo Ridge 30#
  7. Big Tuna Member

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    ELF or Airflo ridge
  8. fredaevans Active Member

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    I'm a RIO Man. Only real difference on 'which one' is rod weight. With 5wts and down the .024, 6wts and up the .30. Suspect the only real difference between the two (other than one's fatter than the other) is the core material on the larger of the two has a higher breaking strength. As noted above, the 'fatter' is far easier to use with shooting heads in the winter when you have to do a lot of line stripping pre-cast.
  9. danimal Inglorious Twohander

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    Monic with its 72# core-no stretch- is the instant hook setter.. cortland zip line in 35# shoots and handles well.
    SA 36# floating mono is the ultimate distance line for me. Big rod and big water with rage or skags over 500 grns has me grabbing the reel that has rio slick shooter in 50#..

    In midwest winters- I am throwing a nextcast WA 55 full line on several of me stics- less stripping means less icing.:D

    Everyone but me luvs ridge--really cuts down on distance. I like to fish da far seams that only the drift guys R reaching---virgin territory.....:cool:
  10. Rob Allen Active Member

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    I don't like any of them but i use the airflo ridge.. I hate the concept of shooting line I believe that carrying more line is superior in every way to shooting line with single and double handed rods the only problem is that we often don't have the room required and I am getting lazy, casting a long line wears me out.. to be honest I am about to ditch the spey thing altogether and go back to a single hander because it's more fun.
  11. macSuibhne Member

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    I cannot understand that...maybe if all you're fishing for is trout on small streams.

    I fished for steelhead for some 30 years with single handed rods--Sage 10' for a 7wt & a Loomis 10' for a 9wt. At one point in time I could cast the whole of a WF line and a bit of backing, using a double hauls. I taught fly casting for my FFF club.

    But you need...I needed...to keep a lot of line aerialized to cast that far. Eventually I was having to get cortisone injections just so that I could comb my hair. I quit fishing altogether for a number of years (spey rods were truly few and far between in those days).

    Spey casting has changed my whole outlook and brought me back to something I love doing. I'd never go back to single handed rods--I'd probably end up crippled.
  12. soundflycaster Member

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    For my bigger heads I use Aiflo Ridgeline. for my smaller summer rods I use Varivas #30 mono. On a cold winter day the mono can be a little hard to keep grip on when casting.
  13. g_smolt Recreational User

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    50# hollow braided spectra for most apps, 50# mono for a few select situations.
  14. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    ridge here too.
  15. Rob Allen Active Member

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    My experience is just the opposite casting shooting heads with my spey rod hurts a lot more than single hand casting. A week on the Bulkley 2 years ago had me thinking i might have to stop spey casting altogether. I have spey cast very little since then One week a year on the Umpqua and a few days here and there in other places. Also I cannot cast as superbly as I used to be able to skagit ans scandi heads have ruined my spey casting and to be perfectly honest the distance achieved by the two handed rod has destroyed my ability to present a fly the line the ink tip and the size of fly does all the work now a days. Lets face it is you are winter fishing and you have 12 feet of t-14 on it's a matter of time no matter how poor a fisherman you are.. I am going back to a single handed rod because i want to become a superb fisherman like I used to be. I don't want to catch a fish because of weight on my line I want to catch a fish because I am a good fisherman. Now that we are totally off the topic now ( sorry) I'll let you get back to your previously scheduled programing.
    Also I am finding that the single handed rods that Kerry Burkheimer ( my boss) designs are about 1000% better than his spey rods.
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  16. Dave Evans Active Member

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    The single handers are very special!
  17. underachiever !

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    It's a Christmas miracle, swinging with a Spey rod is no longer pure enough!
  18. Rob Allen Active Member

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    that's not what I said.
  19. underachiever !

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    Well of course not, no one ever says it exactly like that. They say things like, I fish 'x' way because let's face it even a poor fisherman can catch fish 'y' way.
  20. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Lets try to stay on topic more and stir the pot less.
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