What's your favorite spey reel and why?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Matthew Gulbranson, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. I know there are a lot of great spey reels out there, but I wanted to get the collective opinion on what your favorite reels are for spey fishing, and why. Any thoughts??
  2. It would have to be my Hardy Salmon 2, the sound and quality of this reel is second to none.

  3. favorite spey reel and why?

    For some reason, I just never got into the Hardy thing. Although Hardy, as well as a few others, make a nice reproduction of the old classic Von Hofe style reel. Very expensive, but if you're into that sort of thing and can afford it, that would be the way to go. There are a whole lot of less expensive alternatives. I have a bunch of old Redington AS13/14's. Nothing fancy, but they hold a ton of line and get the job done. I also have a nice collection of Bauer's. Overkill perhaps. But they look nice, get the job done, and they are paid for. :rofl:
  4. I like the Hardy Salmon II and Hardy Viscount Salmon. All Hardys are over-priced, but then I think all the quality reels in the $300 - $700 range are over-priced. The Viscount is relatively affordable if you can find one. For the light Spey or switch rod, I'm partial to my Hardy St. John. It was less than $200 when I bought it.

    Why I like these Hardy reels is because it's hard to improve on perfection.

  5. I have the Loop Evotec on all my spey reels. Great reel, but it has no clicker, which many people like for the running scream. I don't really care.
  6. Bauer MacKenzie Superlite 6. Hands down.
  7. I like my Vosseler for my switch rod and a Hardy St. John that I recently acquired. I also really like my Tioga's (10 and 12's) and my Orvis Mach V that I have. I don't worry too much about the reel, as long as it fits the line and rod that I'm using at the moment.
  8. Hardy Marquis Salmon 2 and St. John. Loud as hell and bombproof. Dave
  9. i totally agree with Salmo g, the Salmon No. 2 and the St. John will cover most if not all spey/switch rods and steelheading/salmon fishing situations. I love the fundamental simplicity yet effectiveness of these Hardy reels, they just seem "right" with spey fishing and swinging...
  10. I love my old medalist for my smaller sized spey. Cheap and dependable. They just hold line.

  11. iagree
  12. favorite spey reel and why?

    I'm with Jimmie here. The (can't speak to any 'new ones') were 'bullet proof' ... and when Orvis (correct?) bought them out to put them out of compitition you could get these huge reels for 'Penney's on the Dollar.' SOOOO COOL! Jim and I (and I suspect a lot of others) 'loaded up.' And I have to agree with Charles above on the Plug's; cheap as chips and they do just as they have done for over 50-70 (?) years. Nothing fancy, but if 'cost is an object' for smaller rods (switchies) you can't beat them. Only had one (over 40+ years of using same) where one gave it up. Truth be told, I had a hell of a chookie on the business end of my fly rod and it was a 'no contest.' Warped the frame; a one and only time that ever happened.
  13. favorite spey reel and why?

    Anything that clicks and doesn't go "Free Willy" is a plus in my book. I have had very few if any issues with click pawl type reels if I take care of them.

  14. favorite spey reel and why?

    Hardy Marquis Salmon 2...because it's old school and loud.
  15. The reel that Mr/Mrs Steelhead is peeling the line from:thumb::thumb::thumb:

  16. favorite spey reel and why?

    It's gonna have to be my new Redington CDL11/2, cause that's the one I bought and I have no other experience with other spey reels. I'm pretty much a "middle of the road" guy when it comes to fly fishing equipment purchases and the CDL seems to fit that group. I saw some Charleston?? reels on e-bay that we're listed at $1999 opening bid... wow. I'm sure their very nice, but just think how you'd feel if it hit the rocks and got bang up.bawling:
  17. I love a Lamson because all components are recessed and the drag is on the quiet side, and thats nice for strippin line on the sneak-in.
  18. favorite spey reel and why?

    well my lamson i like a whole lot, its real simple not super spendy and it get the job done thats for sure.
  19. favorite spey reel and why?

    I have several favorites. None of them have a disc drag and most of them have no palming rim.
  20. I use a Ross CLA 7 on my spey rods and a Gunnison 5 on my switch rod. I like the #7 because it will hold backing and a full spey line pretty easily. The G-5 is on a 5 wt switch and will easily hold the backing, running line and the shooting head and the spey leader. They both have good drags and balance nicely with the rods. Besides that, I had them already and didn't need to go looking for more equipment. If I come home with any more I'll probably not have a home to come back to.

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