What's your favorite spey reel and why?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Matthew Gulbranson, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. favorite spey reel and why?

    You wouldn't care if you dropped your Charelton because they are bombproof.
  2. favorite spey reel and why?

    Loop Classic 7/9 click, click, click........
  3. favorite spey reel and why?

    I fish spey rods from a little 3 weight , up to 9/10 rods . All of these reels will see the water at some point during the year - some more than others
    SA System 2 8/9
    SA System 8 (same reel as the Hardy Marquis 8/9)
    Loop 3w
    Abel 3N
    Hardy Salmon #1
    "" "" #2
    JW Youngs 1540
    FlyLogic FLA 10
    Penn Freshwater #4
    Sage 3600D
    Redington AS 13/14

    Favorites ? Salmon #1 and the JW Young
  4. Partial to any of the old English clickers with names like Perfect and Beaudex. Simple, bomb-proof and mildy annoying when a steelie takes line.

  5. J W Young 1535, Shakespeare Beaulite (both of these have spools that interchange) SOUND VERY COOL
  6. My favorite is my Olson. After that any of my Hardy Salmons.
  7. Yeah, my favorite would be my Olson too.....If I had one. Those Redingtons only set me back $100 a piece when Orvis closed 'em out. The Bauers a little more. FWIW, I think Bauer screwed up, big time, when they went Super-lite. And now it will cost $50 more if I want a Bauer Rogue without those damn holes cut in the frame!
  8. favorite spey reel and why?

    What rod are you using for this?
  9. I love my Nautilus. I would really like to try a Spey Co. reel though.
  10. favorite spey reel and why?

    Please delete
  11. favorite spey reel and why?

    It`s a Gary Anderson rod . Actually , it`s two rods . It came with two butt sections , and when you use it as a spey rod , you`ll use the spey butt and an additional three sections to come up with a 12ft 3 weight spey . I use an Airflow 5 wt 40+ line , or a chopped back 6/7 Snowbee scandi head with poly leader . The rod converts to a 9 ft , 4 weight single hander by using the top two sections from the spey set-up , plus the extra butt section . Even though it`s good , I hardly ever use it as a single hander , as I already have others . As a spey rod , it rocks . I don`t know if Gary make this same model anymore , but he has similar configurations .http://www.andersoncustomrods.com/rods.htm

    FYI,,, Amundson will be releasing an 11ft 3/4 this year in the Windwarrior series . I have one of the prototypes , use the same lines as on the Anderson , and would highly recommend it . Everybody who has tried one , wants one . It`s a great little trout stick .
  12. favorite spey reel and why?

    Which ever of these balances the two hander I am using at that time.

  13. favorite spey reel and why?

    I was asked to provide info on what is in the pic. Kind of from upper left to right around the circle. 3 1/2 perfect, 423 Vom Hofe, 3 3/4 Perfect, 4" Perfect, Saracione Salmon (highly engraved), Salmon 3 and 2, 4" Uniqua, Bogdan 0, 3 3/4 perfect, salmon 1, 4 1/4 Perfect, Bo Molin EM, CFO VI, Farlow Ambassador. I'll try and get around to posting individual pics.
  14. favorite spey reel and why?

    Okay, that's just wrong, floatinghat. But then again, someone has to take care of all those wonderful reels.

    This is all I gots that tickles my fancy:


  15. Sage Z-Axis-7110-4/ Tibor Riptide/ Rio Spey sink tips and heads.
  16. Floatinghat

    There has to be a program for you....something to the effect of :

    "Hi my name is floating hat and I have a problem"
    "Hi floatinghat"
    "You see I am a reel whore".....murmurs from the audience of shared afflection

    I'd be a whore too if I had that set. My arsenal and preferences are Marquis 2 and St Aiden for my lite spey

  17. Check out an Olson some time and it will become the reel you want to be your favorite!
  18. Hopefully I'll have an Olson this Fall. Come on financial aid!!!!!
  19. I know it is a problem; I have others stashed away as wellalthough this is the majority of it. However, my wife doesn’t have an issue with it or the rods they mount on so what the hell.

    Williams’s reels are very nice and I considered getting one years ago when I first saw one he made for Carl P. I use most of the reels at least once a season with the exception of the Saracione, which has never been lined. The engraving is truly artwork and I was told commissioned by a wealthy individual to the engravers of Holland and Holland double guns. This is something I really need to research it to determine value for insurance as it should have a separate rider.

    I have my eye out for a couple of wants, one that I missed about 2 years ago and have not seen back on the market and some other that just aren't worth the asking price (too me).

    Funny thing is I have a couple of the Redingtons that JD mentioned and have never put a line on them. Nevertheless, for the $ they were a great deal.

    Reels are tools that hold line and make pretty sounds. IMO, you do not need a disk drag for steelhead especially on a two handed rod. Something that holds your line, backing, and balances your rod is all you need. The difference from there is the esthetics and I like things that are classic for sporting. I’ve posted it before but something I will always consider funny was the time I had a guy tell me “nice rod, I guess you are saving for a reel now” I had my 4 ¼ Perfect on the seat . I didn’t take offense, it amused me. To some it’s form, to some function, yet others find their own mix of form and function.

    My newest problem is I’m getting back into upland bird hunting and having a problem figuring out what double gun to get. BTW, I would consider trading a reel for the right gun.
  20. Reel Whores

    I guess if I counted up all of my double hand reels, single hand reels, and spare spools, not to mention a collection of old left handed Mitchell spinning reels and a few other odds & ends, I might maybe qualify as reel whore. We all like nice stuff. Maybe one of these days I'll pop for a really nice Spey reel. One of those classic looking jobs with the serpintine handles. Something that makes a lot of noise. The techee that's still a part of me, left over from my working days, will probably demand some kind of sealed disk drag. Although, like said, totally unecessary. :beathead:

    That brings me to another one of my favorite subjects. Losing the "fish of a lifetime" because of reel failure. Well Yeahhh, maybe if you lived in Kansas! :rofl: But for most of us on this board, or the Speypages, steelhead are an every day thing. Go out after work and get one. So what if you lose one now & then? It's not like the world is coming to an end. bawling: Wonder how much line I can get on one of those old spring loaded auto re-wind jobs? I've never seen a reel blow up 'cause of a hot fish. That might be kinda fun. :clown:

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