What's your favorite spey reel and why?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Matthew Gulbranson, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. _WW_ Fishes with Wolves

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    It's been said that flyreels and shotguns are jewelry for men...
  2. fisshman26 Member

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    You would have to have ordered the reel a while ago to get it for this fall!!! lol
  3. Panhandle Active Member

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    Bruce, I'm aware of this. It's in the works. Thanks for the heads up. lol!
  4. Joe Smolt Member

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    I am a self confessed reel whore too. I am looking all the time, albeit more looking than acquiring. It is sad but true. That is why I enjoyed poking fun.

    Opening the first chapter of RWA.... Reel Whores Anonomous, who's ine

  5. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Guilty. New to expanding to two handed reels, but way too many fly reels in my collection.
  6. Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

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    I think I will be a member of RWA very soon....
  7. Salmo_g Active Member

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    I only buy what I need. On any given day I need one more reel than I presently have.

  8. golfman65 Guest

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    like these...on my bigger rods, the sarra's

    smaller rods the hatch or nautilus..
  9. floatinghat Member

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  10. James Waggoner Active Member

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    My favorites so far are:

    Danielsson 8/12 for my 7wt spey
    I like the light weight and Large arbor for quick line pick up.

    Hardy Cascapedia MKII for my 7wt spey
    I like the sound, though less rewarding then my Marquis. Don't care for the heavy weight and the fact it was made in Korea
    really bugs me...don't know why, it's well built, I guess it's just because I thought I was getting English Made.

    Billy Pate Salmon for my 7wt Switch
    I like the look, size and weight. Don't like the Anti reverse and lack of any outgoing sound. (Willing to trade anyone for a direct drive)

    Hardy Marquis 10 for my 6wt Switch
    I just flat love this simple reel. I'll never sell this one for sure.

    Would like to get a 4" Perfect someday. Lots of great reels out there so little money!

  11. shotgunner Anywhere ~ Anytime

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    Dani's are super :thumb: Picked off yours in the avatar a few weeks ago. Hard to miss sporting that 'spinner' style retainer. Very recent production run, nice piece. I'm a big fan.

    A few Bauers getting some use too.. Thumbnail of an MX5 [4.25"] below on a day that was well below freezing. I've never had trouble with my Bauers.

    floatinghat, very cool history. The Saracione & custom H&H work is something!

  12. floatinghat Member

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    Does the DD pate have an out bound clicker? I got rid of a Fin-nor DD for the same reason. I now use and Islander DD as one of my SW reels and liked it so much I bought two Islander mooching reels.


    I'm trying to confirm the engraving, it was mentioned that H&H engravers did the work. The engraver initialed the work so that should help. Considering the engraving was done after the anodizing the work is amazing and the dollars that were mentioned might not be out of line.
  13. James Waggoner Active Member

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    The DD Pate, I'm not sure if it clicks or not, I just don't care for the anti-reverse, but I like the small package and drag knob location on the handle side.
  14. hendersonbaylocal Member

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    Anyone fished with one of the new Meiser reels yet?
  15. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    yup, I have two- the 7/9 and the 8/10- and those reels are without question one of the best buys out there. Think Voesseler quality at Redington prices.
    Sounds great with a fish on!
  16. Michael Thompson the flavor of BADFISH

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    I wonder if Meiser gets his reels from Amundson, or perhaps the same manufacturer as Amundson. the two look very similar.
  17. ozcast Member

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    Hatch 7 plus!!!!!!!! Bomb proof sealed drag. The best reel out there!!!
  18. stewart dee Guest

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    Mine was a Tibor that was givin-it to a chrome hen today. Whhooot Wwwwhhhoooooottttt.
  19. Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

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  20. Flytyerman New Member

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    Hello stewart dee,,are you saying you have a Tibor Spey?....may i have your opinion if you do please?..I'm thinking of
    the Tibor Spey reel and i would have to purchase online without seein and fondling...Thanks.