What's your record for not catching a steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Tracy Lauricella, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Just started fishing for them today... So I recon, one day down and still looking for them...
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  2. Tracy,
    I was fishing just below Reiter this morning watching guys catch them from both sides of the river. When I relized I didn't have the right colors on me I went home and tied some that should work and will be heading there again to give it another try.
    Alway's ask questions and never give up, you'll get there.
  3. My advice if you want have a chance at a winter hatchery fish on the Snoqualmie River is to nymph seam water from Fall City upstream to Tokul Creek using beads or small go bugs with split shot and a strike indicator.
  4. You'd improve your chances fishing from Plum's Landing down to Fall City.
  5. Depending on this weekend's schedule I might be going back out Saturday or Sunday. I might just have to try the upper drift this time. :)
  6. I've had my dry spells, more gaps in chances to fish. Keep that log running and the data you can farm later will make the gap between the first and second fish short, then shorter still to the third, to a time you may actually have sevaral in a day!

    My last steelhead was skated up on an a waking foam/hair dry with Evan Burck. It has been a while, but that was actually my last steelhead trip. This winter I must make it back out to the OP for some soul cleansing, steelhead cooperating or not. Then I'll like to try my hand at some summer steelheading again, with swung dries making a V wake and getting sharked.
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  7. Color would be low on my list of reasons I didn't connect. Reading water and getting down would count more than color.
  8. below Reiter its a hit & miss game with the bug rod. lots of competition for those fish. so they see every thing thrown at them. floating line w/indicator would be my 1st choice. remember the jig guys are not bouncing bottom. just keeping it 6-12 inches off bottom should be in the zone. course thats in the pool type water. if you swing, then you should be on the highway side from the cable hole all the way almost to Proctor creek. and yes i would change colors often. you never know with those hatch turds what turns them on. long walk though from the highway side !!
    my 2 cents on that.
  9. That's absolutely BRUTAL! That there is dedication man...I would have quit after the first day if I didn't get one.

    I got skunked in January one day a few years back, swore I was done at that point. I was back at it the next week. If I would have got skunked that day, I would have quit for sure. That's how dedicated I am. :D
  10. I only took flyfishing for steelhead seriously for one year. I dedicated that year to fish for nothing but steelhead. I did catch steelhead but more often than not, I didn't. At the end of the year, I decided I wasn't a steelhead fanatic. I'm more into catching than casting.

    However, there was a time our group was Steelhead Stupid... we tried flyfishing for steelhead during less than desirable conditions:

    An example of Steelhead Stupid:




    This was not only a "dry spell", it was insanity.

  11. I was down tickling the rocks yesterday, they weren't taking anything I was offering them. A couple of gear guys connected with a native (flesh fly) and hatchery (pink jig) 100' below me. I'm sure the low water and 3-4' visibility combined with the constant bombardment didn't help.

    Yeah I was fishing the cable hole Thursday and it was busy on both sides. '
    So today I decided to fish just above high bridge along the bend. Today the water had some color in it and I threw some various patterns on the nice stretches of water I encountered, still no one wanted to line dance with me.
    I'm thinking of giving it another shot Sat or Sun, but haven't decided yet on where to go.
  12. Richard, its always busy the closer you get to the hatchery outlet creek. there is a big pool upstream from the high bridge, about a 1/3 of a mile upstream. you can try dry line and indicator there.
    and NO its Not a secret place, everyone knows that spot. a long walk though with all the rocks to get over.
    in this low clear water they get spooky. hate to say the word rain. but ?
    if you had a boat you could try the water upstream from Douglas bar. in this low water, well ???
  13. I am keeping a log as well. It is just over a year with no fish. Although, I don't get out searching for Steelhead as much as I should if I really want to land one. Paying for Hancock and living near Green Lake makes it too easy to catch mere trout. NoFuckingBeads.com has my experiences. Comments are always welcome.
  14. January 2nd, 2011, I caught my first ever steelhead. I had just received a TFO switch rod and a couple of steelheading books for Christmas, so with my new available techniques and knowledge I was sure that my chances for catching one of these majestic creatures had gone way up. On my first day out with my revamped steelheadiness (not sure why spell check won't recognize this word :)) , I went one for one, on the swing no less. Bring on the fish!!! Since then, I have logged hundreds of hours, including a few multi-day trips with only one brief lost battle to show for it. Yesterday I spent 8 hours exploring on the OP, only to further my drought. Regardless of catching, each of these trips provide me with new lists of what not to do, where not to be, and what not to use. Someday I will have it narrowed down and actually get into some of these amazing fish. A few hundred fishless hours standing in near freezing temperatures isn't enough to get me down.
  15. Duke,

    I'm sorry to report, but you seem to be a perfect candidate to become a steelheader. Good luck.

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  16. I don't get much time and only fish about 5days to10days a year for all my fishing. Haven't got a Steelhead on a fly in about 20 to 25 years. Had one on a couple of year ago, what a blast. Only on for a couple of min. But should be out on the Snoq. Sat or Sun. or both. We will see.
  17. Wow, sounds like a bummer for steelheading. My experience has been entirely different. First fly-caught steelhead was on the Deschutes and it was the first time I'd fished it with a fly. Caught plenty of steelhead before that on a spinning outfit.

    I watched my first fish take the fly, it was about 6' from the bank, took a wooly bugger on the surface. I was just plucking the fly out there while my brother hung up the fly rod for his gear rod, drift fishing with a corky and lead.

    I watched the fish take my fly. Since then it's only gotten better. Where I fish it's a 6 month season and I've been blessed with plenty of fish each year. You can only catch fish on what you're using...go back to gear and lead and you'll catch fish, fish a fly and you'll catch fish also...maybe not as many but the pure enjoyment will be on your side.
  18. I can't say that I've logged an inordinate amount of time "Steelheading" but I make at least two or three trips (1-2 days each) to the OP each Winter and fish locally at home once in awhile for half a day but I've only hooked (not landed) one fish in 5-6 yrs of trying. But I almost always catch something when I'm out though, a big cutt or salmon, but the Chromers have allude me. Most of the problem is that I mostly fish small rivers and creeks with small steelhead numbers and I've refused to nymph on top of it. When my daughter was only about 11 mos old, I took a couple buddies to fish a couple spots on a nearby little river. I didn't want to get into the water with her on my back but one of my friends hook up a Steelhead in a spot I recommended. I think I know what to do and I'm probably doing most of the time but I probably need to up my chances by fishing larger, more productive waters instead searching for the needle in the haystack.
  19. I think part of the problem I am hearing over and over is perspective. Everyone is focusing on catching steelhead here, but anyone that fishes will tell you the majority of the time on the water is spent casting, rigging equipment, walking, reading water etc.. not just banging fish after fish over and over. So my recommendation is to focus and look forward to the time when you don't have a chrome steelhead on, those are the times that you can really count on, look forward too and turn into great adventures. If I was interested in just catching fish I would use a baitcaster, hevibeads, three treble hooks and a bag of prawns but alas I have learned to enjoy the time when i don't have fish on just as much which is why I fly fish. To answer your question the longest time I have gone without a fish is about 18 minutes (possibly an inaccurate figure)
  20. Hey, Gene, pretty sure I know that spot. Not open to fishing any more, if I'm right.

    Years ago, we were "steelhead stupid" there too. I remember fishing it having driven through six inches of snow to get there. With our four wheel drive, we were the only ones on the river that day. Come to think of it we caught a couple that day, so maybe not so stupid. Hmm...


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