What's your tying space look like?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I've gotten a few ideas from looking at other people's flytying desks/space...what does yours look like?
  2. i posted a flic here of my old tying space, and im about to upload the pic of my current space. i love these threads
  3. here is the setup from when i was living in my apartment. nothin fancy

  4. like your current space hope it doesn't get any wind. See my space in the galley pctures I really like it and it works well. I've added some pics to my next post #34 to show my area and my new thread rack that I almost finished today.
  5. like this:
  6. nice space trevor. I wish my wife would let me have a room to tei in :(
  7. Here's my space:

    [​IMG]Fly tying area

    I use a turn of the century secretary's desk tucked away in a corner of our rec room. The front flips open and provides desk space, and it's full of nice little cubbys for storage.

    [​IMG]Ready to tie

    Click on the pictures to see more, including photos of how I'm storing my materials.
  8. I like the idea of using the klenex box for garbage.

    Anyone use the left over trim instead of throwing it away?
  9. The kleenex box was a tip I picked up from an online site. It works really well, keeps the fine bits from flying around.

    I save as much usable trim as I can per tying session, but don't stress over it if I happen to feel like throwing out a few inches of something here and there.
  10. A mess.

    Found many necks, saddles and strung hackle, + Mustad @ Marysville Goodwill recently - At $5-7/each for feathers, I still spent $150 (including a thousand or so mustad hooks)

    Tying is much more fun when you have materials!
  11. View attachment 34824

    View attachment 34823

    Rolltop desk means I can cover my work at a moment's notice, which theoretically means I could move my workspace out of the garage and into the warm back room this winter. "Look darling, the mess just disappears!"

    However, the desk is not big enough to hold all the ziplock baggies of bird and mammal carcasses. I still need a few shoe boxes.
  12. Jeff Dodd; That was a good buy at Goodwill. Cant believe you found all that there. Do you usally find stuff there for tying?
  13. Not a spacious as I'd like but it works, can't hardly see to tie anything much smaller than a 12 or 14 anymore so it's mostly used for spey and steelhead flies anymore.

    View attachment 34826
  14. Slatwall rules.


    This is a stand-while-you-work setup. I built a 42 inch high countertop in an 8x5 foot L-shape for maximum usable work area with storage underneath. Slatwall comes in 4x8 sheets. I split it the long way and mounted it about 7 inches above the desktop. It gives me about 13 feet of 6-row slats right at eye height.

    Most of the material is hanging from pegs various length. You can get all manner of other hangers, too. I added 8 inch shelf brackets at the top of the long wall with LED puck lights underneath.

    If you have the luxury of a dedicated work area, this wasn't very expensive and no special tools required. Circular saw, driver drill, etc.

    Slatwall - $60/sheet
    Closet Doors for countertop - $40
    Melamine shelving - $50
    Porch paint. $25

    One meellion pegs. - Priceless.
  15. Leeland: I will be in a hotel for a week in vegas. I am going to tie while I am learn. I cant wait. Finailly some time!
  16. Bert, that is awesome. I should do that in my garage. My tying area, once tidy, looks like a grenade went off inside it.
  17. A week in Vegas and you'll be in your hotel room, tying flies. Anywhere else that would be pathetic, but on this site...well, we all understand.

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