What's your tying space look like?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Only this once have I found quality items intended for fly tying at a thrift store, but this was a mother load.

    I read a board member mention once he found a Nor-Vise at Goodwill.... I rember that each and every time I walk in. You never know what will show up.
  2. Finally got a picture of mine...


    and my view for inspiration...

  3. Jeff S:
    I am so looking forward to a week in vegas, tying, reading, relaxing when I can. I have classes to take during the week but I am glad to have some time to tie and read.
  4. Big E:

    I love poulsbo. Nice view. Where do you fish at in poulsbo?
  5. Chef...all I can say is....what happens in Poulsbo, stays in Poulsbo
  6. The lamp at Big E's tying desk- They turn up with some regularity at thrift stores. I see about 2-3/year, but the sewers snatch them up quick.

    Big E- Cool desk with the flat screen for sports and tying demos. Good Livin' !
  7. Seriously, that does sound like a good time. I tie whenever I find a moment, but I haven't taken my setup on the road yet. (Hmmm...I do have a trip to Portland coming up...)
  8. its a little clean right now.
  9. Jeff,

    I imagine you mean the retractable lamp behind the feather vase vice the Ott?

    Yeah the flat screen is great for those Sunday tying sessions.
  10. wtf???!?
  11. ok that is def primitive brain surgery tools, not fly tying!
  12. all my friends that are also going to Vegas are like "we are all going to party" and all I can think about is the peaceful time tying flies and reading.
  13. That's right, Ott light. nice little lamp and popular with the ladies :thumb:
  14. View attachment 35016 View attachment 35013 View attachment 35017
    Joann Fabrics has Ott lights new at 50% off with coupon on a regular basis for anyone looking. Their coupons usually say things like % off one item,or % off whole purcase. Tying is still fun but very time consuming so I'm in the process of making a new rack to hold my threads and other spooled things. Trying to keep more things close at hand so I don't have to be diggng boxes out. I'll post a picture when I'm done. My space is pretty compact and has lots of stuff in the storage but I'm needing things easier to get to because I'm getting slower and awkward because of my Parkinsons. I'm thinking this change will realy be a help. The frame will attach to the white set of drawers on the right side and clear up a little space from the left bookcase. I need about 10 more strips to fill it out that I'll have to buy. So far it was all scrap I had. OOPs didn't mean to get the other two pics of the lanyards. The two pics of my tying area on the bottom are the new way my area looks. I haven't even used it but I think the new thread rack is great, and I 'll use it most of today so I"ll find out soon. I reallly like my rack for spooled items hanging on the plastic set of drawers. I haven't gotten the moulding strip I need to finish out the rack but will soon. I'll have 11 more strips for spooled items And then more shelf space tooI also have abig plastic tub i the garage that is full of pheasant tails and turkey feathers and others and two smaller tubs in my closet that are full of yarn skeins.
  15. Whats the glass vase looking like thing used for?
  16. inspiration
  17. good times! Like wow brah! That fly is psychedelic

    Also known as "Dude, where's my bobbin?"
  18. too each his own i guess ^^
  19. (mumbled whisper) "It's a cinderella story....."
  20. New materials and tying space added to my arsenal. Just received this from my girl's brother in law. It belonged to a friend of his that passed recently and he decided that I should have it. I am unbelievably honored to have been presented with this from his friend's fly fishing gear collection. I can't wait to take it on a trip somewhere.[​IMG][/IMG]

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