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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by andrew, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I'm taking the drift boat from B-ham to the E-burg on Saturday and I want to check the bearings, however, not sure how. I remember as a kid my dad unscrewing a dust cap and packing grease into a buddy bearing, however, my hub doesn't look anything like this. In the center is a rubber plug (I'm assuming it's a plug), which I'm not sure if you simply pry out or not?! Its a Zieman trailer; which I searched online and can't find squat.

    Anyone have some guidance for me?

    At best my trailer has seen less than 2000 miles of travel over the 7-years I've owned.
  2. My guess is that you have a oil bath system,pull off the cap stick your finger in there and you should feel oil.Clean off the cap and there should be marks/rings fill up to the line and you are good to go...Hope that helps...for oil go to the parts store and tell them what you have and they can get you the right oil(hi temp bearing stuff),Good Luck,Alan
  3. After thought,if you can not find the oil at a parts house go to a truck stop as they will have the oil you need(all comm. trucks use the oil bath system),Alan
  4. View attachment 42318 View attachment 42319 If your hubs looks like this rubber plug in center, it is a dexter ez-lube axle, better than the buddy bearing system as the buddy bearing pushes grease thru the outter bearing then trys to get to the inner bearing, alot of people pump the hell out of them and you can psuh the axle seal out, the dexter ez-lube ggrease is forced into both bearing from the middle so both bearings get equal amounts of grease. Make sure to use good quality marine bearing grease.
  5. These are exactly what I have! So how do you know if there is enough grease in the bearing?
  6. pack it in till flush with outer bearing end, replace with new rubber seal, they cost like a 1$, wipe her down!...get ahold of sixrobblees, they supply the nw w/ trailer parts, and have dexter parts/endcaps.

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