Wheel for Transporting Raft To Lake

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by bigheadr, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. I have seen people transporting their dinghy or pontoon boats to Lake Lenice with a single bicycle wheel strapped to the front of the boat. I have a raft that I want to roll down to the lake rather than carrying it. Where can I get this type of wheel transporting system? I have seen some on sale but with two wheels. I want something light and doesn't cost too much.
  2. I have been wondering that myself.. I have an Outcast PAC 800 that weighs around 50lbs or so... a strap or backpack system would work as well... I need to find something for it... I love the pontoon boat, but by the time I lug it into a lake like that, I'm too tired to fish...
  3. You might check out the cart photos on post topic #854 a homemade cart for a pontoon boat by WishinIWasFishin. It is under Pontoon Boat Cart Pictures posted on 3-11-02 on this site for some ideas
  4. Thanks but I am looking for something lighter with one bike wheel so that I can just detach it and put it on the raft while I fish. Maybe I need to make one myself but it would be easier if there is somewhere that I can buy one from.
  5. Kaufmann's advertises a one bike wheel transporter in its catalog but it is not exactly cheap. If you're good with your hands and have the right tools, you could probably build something like it for $15.

    Check out the link below for another option. A bit cheaper than Kaufmann's bike wheel dealy, and should fit comfortably on your cargo deck if you don't want to haul your transport to your rig.
  6. I went to the local bicycle shop and the guy went out back to the junk pile. He gave (really) me a 16" bike with red wheels! I cut off the front frame and strapped it to the center frame of my pontoon boat. I drilled a hole for a bolt to stablize it. I simply put it on, insert the bolt and wheel into the lake. Pull the bolt, strap it on the back of the boat and go fishing!

    A suggestion: Make sure your wheels are wide - there is sand and rocks to maneuver. And, be a little creative.

  7. Hi, I have a bucks alpine and I made mine with one wheel, It slides into the frame and when I am on the ater i slide it out and turn it over so it is out of the way, I wheel it like a wheel barrow, it works pretty slick if anybody is in the north end My work # is 206 365 3000 and I would be glad to show you.

  8. I might be old,but I'm good

    There was a right up here a while ago about the same thing. They said to used the front wheel and fork of a small bike like a BMX. It will fit on our cross bar of the pontoon boat. The part where the handle bars used to be. It is called the "Goose neck" I believe. JIm
  9. This is a GREAT question,i have been wanting to make one for my pontoon also.Good input from all..an outfitter told me not to buy a game litter with two wheels as you would live to regret it on uneven ground or hillsides and im thinking that the same would apply to a pontoon boat or raft being taken-in.fshflthnkng
  10. Heck with the wheel!

    I have a pontoon boat and did the wheel thing, but with almost inevitable evening winds that are found on those lakes I am going to buy a fat cat style tube for those lakes. We went a few weeks ago and had a bugger of a time rowing against the wind back, and I much rather would have had a tube and walked back.

    My vote is less gear, less weight, keep it simple and buy a tube for those trips.

    If you do go with the wheel setup, I would suggest 2 wheels with wide tires vs one. With the sand, one is too hard to deal with.

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