Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good schtuff

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by ceviche, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. I was just down at SportCo in Fife and saw a guy putting out wheels for pontoon boats. Look for it in the back room to the left of the fishing counter. Also, they're selling manual inflating (you pull the rip cord) Sospenders Sport models for $62.77. I got mine. Lastly, they just got some Dave Scadden U-boats that looked to have those stadium seats--price unknown. This one has some seriously thick fabric. The money you save makes the membership worth it. :THUMBSUP
  2. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    Been there done that. I too bought 2 SOSpenders for my wife and I. They are so comfortable and my wife has more peace of mind when out fisihing by myself.
    I live at Sportco! You are right about the awesome prices, especially the Seagur Flourocarbon Tippets at 27yds, only 9.00! Elsewhere 13-15.00!

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  3. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    Personally, I wish SportCo or someone local would carry Royal Wulff flurocarbon tippets, as they have the best strength to size ratio. But, yes, they do make the outdoorsperson drool.
  4. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    Hey Skycries57...should I send the ugly fish picture to your wife and point out that the sospenders are not being used :TSKTSK :LOVEIT ...

    Just kidding, LOL. So how do you like them, honestly?? I have been contemplating them for the last month or so but have yet to hear any reall feedback on them. It seems they would be somewhat cumbersum (SP)??

  5. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    It's a pretty healthy jaunt for me to head for Sportco; I sure wish it were closer! Actually, maybe not; I might be divorced from all the stuff I'd be buying there.

    Anyway, did you get a good look at the pontoon boat wheel design, and maybe check out the price? I guess not all pontoon boats are created equal, and some aren't that good. Just curious if it's worth the 40 mile trip for me to go there . . .

  6. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    Replying to pwoens and Richard. I haven't had the chance to try on the Sospenders, but I'm certain they're less cumbersome than any regular personal floatation device--especially when in a float tube. That's the main reason I got mine. I got sick of my life jacket (REQUIRED for any watercraft under 16' by the USCG--just try not wearing one in Pierce County's federal jurisdictioned American Lake and see what happens...) and decided to try something different. At least the Sospenders lie flat against the front of the chest instead of being bulky behind the back. The front only design will help keep your face out of the water if you should happen to be unconscious. This is a huge plus over most recreation designs like those people use when water skiing.

    As far as the pontoon boat wheels, I didn't see how they were supposed to attach to the boat frame, but it was clear they were designed to fold up and out of the way for when you are in the water. I thought I saw some quick release pins around the hinge assembly. They kind of reminded me of how those razor scooters fold up at the base of the handle stem. All I can describe about the attachment point was that there was a square base plate that had to connect to the frame somehow. I didn't stick around to see how it actually connected--not enough time. The guy who was setting up a pontoon boat for display was also the builder of the device and builds them in Fife. Still, the fold up design looked good.

    Sorry but that's all I can say about the wheels.
  7. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    Hey Patrick, I found the SOSpeders to be the most comfortable, you don't even know you have it on, seriously! I didn't buy the SOSpenders til after the gross fish pic. When I spoke to Mark Watters, the officer who helped find the body of that Olympia fisherman who drowned, he convinced me to buy some type of PFD. My wife also put some sense into me, since the river I usually fish I have to walk knee-deep through 2 moderate river outlets to get to my hole. I also fell once in the Green and once in the Yak, not a funny site. I also did alot of internet research for weeks before buying, finding the SOS is the best for the money.
    I was trying to figure out the most comfortable way I could wear the SOS. I found that I can wear it under my vest front open and with the zipper undone, the vest would give enough room for the SOS to inflate if I pulled the rip cord.
    I know that wearing it outside of the vest is the proper way but wearing the SOS over the vest is cumbersome trying to get to stuff in the pockets,etc. Wear the SOS under the vest with the vest open and the neck of th flyvest just under the neck part of the SOS.
    The first hour or two you feel the SOS, but after that, it feels like a part of the vest. The SOS is only 3/4" flat, that is why it is so comfortable, you feel never having to take it off.
    If you do decide to get one, get the one where the straps have a strap connector, roughly 85.00 I think, its easier to take on and off and for adjusting. All the vests come with 2 CO2 containers and is "Ready to Use" out of the bag. Blow it up with your mouth and leave it overnite to make sure the air holds. Good luck!

    PS, "If we can spend hundreds of dollars on Fly Fishing gear to satisfy our passion, I believe its definately worth spending the extra $80.00 to Help keep our passion alive"

    "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
    Matthew 4:19
  8. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    If your like me and take a tumble once in a while another thing that you should have is a wading staff. It's like having a third leg going thru fast water.I got one but with all the stuff that one puts on to go fishing I have to leave something off once in a while. As for a floation device. I picked up a Stearns vest. This one I don't have to blow up and it works because I tried out this summer in my pool. You hardly notice it with all the other stuff that I put on in my pontoon boat.

  9. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    Your right Jim about a wading staff. I tried my hiking stick last week and all it did was float up while bracing myself. I should of know that a stick cannot work underwater. I saw a Hodgeman foldable wading staff at Sportco for 30.00, maybe I'll pick it up.. Thanks for reminding me of the staff.

    "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
    Matthew 4:19
  10. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    Teds at Lynnwood has the kind that attach to the pontoon boat and retract, the wheel is much like a wheel barrow whell, so getting through deep sand would be easier. I am not certain of the price, but was in there yesterday and he had a good supply.
  11. Wheels for pontoon boats, Sospenders, and other good sch

    Sure agree on the PFD issue. I've gone to a Kayak PFD made by Lotus. Picked it up at NRS in Moscow Idaho. It is very comfortable and has two pockets to replace a fishing vest. Have not gone under with it yet but have been extremely light footed! The arm pits are cut very low to allow the kayaker to paddle. Makes casting a breeze

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