NFR When I discovered I was officially an old fart.

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  1. I was sitting at the bar in the Belton Hotel in West Glacier, Montana waiting for a call to supper which turned out to be a really spicy venison meatloaf that was out of this world. I was just finishing up a pint of a Montana micro IPA and thinking I'd have another.

    The 20 something cocktail waitress behind me walks over. She's got all these tattoos and hardware stuck into her eyebrows, ears, nose, and tongue. I'm guessing there were other piercings in places I couldn't see. She looked like she'd fallen face first into a tackle box.

    She sets a fresh pint in front of me and pointing with her head which jingles her piercing hardware, says "This is compliments of the two ladies over there."

    I turn my geezer neck but it only goes about 20 degrees and all I see is two 20 somethings who look like sisters to the waitress. I'm very confused so I point and ask, "Those two women?"

    The jingly waitress screws up her face and hunches her shoulders like she'd just stuck her tongue in a live light socket, "ooooo ICK! NO!" then pointing directly behind me shouts "THOSE ladies!"

    I turn 180 on the bar stool to see two smiling gray haired women lifting a pint in salute. My first thought was that they looked like my mother. Then I remembered the face that looks back at me in the mirror at times.

    "Oh, crap. I'm officially an old fart!"

  2. Oddly enough, I also realized the fact I had officially become a geezer in Montana. It was this fall. We had rented a house just two blocks off the main drag in Bozeman. After upacking the gear from the car and settling in it was about 8pm and we decided to take walk down main street. We walked past literally a cornucopia of street musicians/restaurants/bars/bistros/outside cafes, etc. all seething with students from the University of Montana. Appeared most of the 14,000 of the enrollment were out and about. Everyone was having a great time as were we. After a couple of blocks, I turned to my better half and stated, "I didn't realize I woke up this morning old!" :eek:
  3. Fixed that for ya...out of respect for us MSU alums please don't get the two mixed up. ;)

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  4. So.....did ya? Might have been fun.
  5. When I first heard the words "Grandpa" being thrown my direction from my grandbrat. And, in keeping with tradition so to speak, I stepped out of the fly shop in Big Fork Montana and was admiring a classic car which had parked a few spots from the front door. I dawned on me that I was still older than the car.....I just walked away.
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  6. Yeah, I did. One woman worked for the USFS and she filled me in on a number of things that were going on in The Bob Marshall wilderness. They ended up joining me for dinner and we talked about fly fishing and fly tying.
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  7. I'm still 26.... but my piece of crap body is 62.

    Hmmmm.... cougars are older women looking for younger guys. What do you call old women hitting on old guys????

  8. answer: fun
  9. Shit, I'm just about as old as dirt. My mind is somewhat clear. But my body has aches and pains in places that aren't normal. But I keep on ticking. I'm not old I'm just 21 1/2 years away from 100.
  10. I could see you were an old fart when you mentioned "meatloaf" and "out of this world" in the same sentence.:)

    Seriously, my "old man" moment came when I realized I needed to pack reading glasses in my fishing vest in order to thread hooks.

  11. lol
  12. Yeah, my recent "old fart" moment happened in our newly opened REI store.

    I went up to the counter to make my purchase and the cute 20-something employee asked "Do you have an REI membership?"

    I pulled out my wallet and flipped it open to my membership card. She looked at my number with wide eyes and said, "Wow! I guess you do! I've never seen a number that low!!!"

    Sheeesh!!! :eek:
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  13. This makes me feel better, I am dangerously close to thirty and concerned with time left to fish....
  14. I'm not sure what they're called but if they insist on buying me beer and dinner, I call them generous . . .

    The great thing about women like this is they get my jokes. No 30 yo woman is going to get my references to Howdy Doody or Sky King.
  15. How about in the Sunday comic's of the Sunday paper, The Little King. Every time my Gout shows up I think of him. Or how about Smilin Jack.
  16. Dip, if your number is lower than 61000 you've got me beat!

  17. You've got me beat by a lot of digits, my friend! That's why I was so gob-smacked by her reaction.

    Not sure if I should congratulate you or give my condolences!! ;)

    I didn't join until sometime in the '70s.

    When I was managing my marina I had a long-time customer who had a 4-digit REI number.

    Now that's OLD!
  18. Good point. But how the heck did you end up talking about Howdy Doody and Sky King????
  19. We ate there back in May; food was pretty good (I had the strawberry salad). My mother-in-law's been there a few times since, it could have been her; she's got money, you could do worse (lol).


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