When life gives you lemons......

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    When we found out there would not be enough water in Smith River, Montana for us to use our coveted permit, we shifted gears and opted for a two day float on the lower Bighorn River near St Xavier, Montana. We spent two awesome days chucking streamers and ended up catching quite a few nice trout.

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  2. jjaims

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    Nice report and pics. looks like a blast. Delicious lemonade!
  3. Irafly

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    Bummer about your permit, but I love the report. Nice job!
  4. Beautiful pics@! And you can console yourselves that you probably had better fishing than you would have had on the Smith.
  5. Gary C. Brown

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    Love the Bighorn, not bad for a back up plan.
  6. Jslo

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    Great closeup shots!
  7. Skysoldier

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    I will take lemons like that any day. Nice report!