When strip setting goes bad

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nick Clayton, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. you are on fire!!
    last night I told myself I wasn't going to take out the boat (start it up, gas, unload all summer toys stored in it, no one can go, etc) but now I am back on!!
    I'll hit the water by myself. I need some coho in the freezer
    thanks for the motivation Nick
  2. Keep going Nick! The force is strong in you.
  3. I can personally attest to the show put on Nick. The only part of his story not 100% true is he wasn't entirely alone...just one other angler who also got his limit ;). Fish hitting on exact opposite sides of the cast and retrieve was a sight. We both would sweep out poles across ourselves before pulling the offering out of the water. This would allow for the curious coho one last chance at our offering. One coho hit Nick's offering at his feet, the other hit the second his offering touched the water. Subtle techniques are making the difference on the water this time of the year...like the final sweep.
  4. Hey there Adrian. Was good fishing with ya yesterday. I was alone on Tue from my original report so I wasn't lying Haha. I was meaning to ask you yesterday if you frequented this board at all after you were talking about the fly fishing you did. Hit me up if you ever want to get out. Always glad to meet and fish with other local guys

  5. I don't want to say it, but maybe its coming to an end. Fished the morning incoming and through a bit of the change with Matt today with very little to show for our efforts. I got one 3-4lb fish that I ended up taking home as he was bleeding when I got him to shore, and we saw a gear guy land one, but that was about it.

    Gonna go give it a break and go fish Lone tomorrow.

    It's not over.... it's not over.... it's not over.....
  6. Yeah, I fished a couple of local beaches the last 2 days with meager results. Wednesday had one smallish LDR (but did have a fish about 6 or 7 lbs. swim nonchalantly by nearly over the toes of my boots). Yesterday tried another spot a little south of the previous with only one small rezzie for about 3 hours of effort. OTOH, I had both spots all to myself and that's my kinda fishin'!
  7. That is one nice thing about fishing for silvers on the beach in October, the crowds are thin to none in most places. The other bonus, is that you don't have to get up at 3am!
  8. Right you are, mate!

    The one thing *I* need to remember is that it's not summer anymore and I need to be prepared for that (as with your experience a couple of days back)!

    When I first walked down to yesterday's beach it was calm and fairly warm.

    After about an hour I could see rain to the south of me and although I never got rained upon, the wind picked up substantially and it turned darned cold! I pulled on the wading jacket but wished I'd stuffed my Wapiti Woolies "Happy Humper" hat in the pack. That's my most favorite head-warmer ever!

    OTOH, due to the wind coming from my right I had a chance to play around casting with my non-dominant arm in order to avoid impaling myself in the head! The casts weren't pretty but they kinda worked!
  9. Nick,
    Thanks for the update.
    Lots of fresh fish jumping in a lower river system I checked out yesterday. I think there are still more to come, but it is a matter of getting them to eat.
    It will be interesting to see how many fish get checked at the Sekiu derby this weekend.
    I was thinking todays rain may draw in more fish. I still may head your way tomorrow although I'm not a huge fan of the incoming on that beach. The outgoing seems to fish much better.
  10. I was just mentioning that derby to Matt this morning in conversation about how much longer it could last. I'm gonna go up and fish Lone with Ira tomorrow but I'll probably give it a shot on Monday. There were a few around, but not many. The one herring guy missed 2-3, plus lost one more before he landed one. Did see a couple jumpers.
  11. Talked to Bill at the fly shop and he seems to think there will be plenty more coming. I'm wondering if your right though Brian, and they start getting more lock-jawed in the usual feeding spots as it gets later. This morning I got one hit for sure on a clouser and possibly another light bump when I switched up to an orange comet. I have a feeling there were fish around, just not interested in our offerings.
  12. So what is it that would change their feeding behavior in the same given location? Is it weather? Temps? Just late season behavior? Food sources changing? Or maybe just some sort of internal biological clock that tells them its bearing spawning time?
  13. No clue, wish I knew. Anyone, anyone? I just have to assume that with fish still up in the straight there has to be fish coming through for a few weeks still if not more.
  14. My thoughts exactly. My impression is its just a numbers game at this point. A month ago you may show your fly to fifty fish with ten casts when the fish are in. Maybe only a few of them were biters but you hook up. Now the same 10 casts may only put your fly in front of 10 fish, and if the same relative number are players then even though the overall fishing is relatively just the same, your catch rate drops drastically.

    Or at least that's how I see it. Lol. I think the best technique at this point may simply be perseverance.

  15. I'll tell you what, I hope some more fish roam through this area. I've been getting out a bit and haven't seen a damn thing. It's brutal. And I was casting so well today.
  16. I fished off Alki on Saturday morning from my boat and got two tiny shakers. water was a little rough, but no love for me. I was using bait on the down riggers and also stripping a fly just below the surface. was hoping for more - but those are the breaks. Keep itup you guys.
  17. Prior to this post I wasn't familiar with a two hand retrieve but yesterday I used it from the jetty and didn't miss a strike. Took a minute to get the hang of placing the rod securely in my armpit but once I got that figured out I felt like I had better control of my retrieve.
  18. I have used it sporadically in the past but never stuck with it. For the mid-late October coho fishing the coho were biting really soft and I was missing takes between strips. I forced myself to use the two handed retrieve and was rewarded with one of hottest fish of the year for me. It's so much easier to quickly hookset using the two handed retrieve. It is a little awkward trying to get the rod back in your hand once a nice fish is on! :eek:

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