Wher to fish?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Reefmeup, Sep 1, 2008.

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    I live in Olympia. So I am far south sound. I know there are good numbers of fish down here. I just need help finding a beach I can fish? I would love to hook into a coho, or even a large searun. Pm If you dont want every1 to know the spot. I appreciate any help i can get.

    ps. Also I have a question about my casting. I have been fly fishing for 2 years now. Still I get tangles from my tippet rapping around the fly line, just after my curl is forming. I am completely self taught. I have a 5wt with wf floating line. I also use 8 12 foot leaders. I can cast around 50 to 60 feet but when i go that big I almost always get that damn tangle. Thanks all.
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    There are a number of public beaches around here you can that you can access. Priest Point Park, Tolmie State Park, Walker in Shelton all can get you into SRC's. Take a look on page 62 of the Washington Gazette by De Lorme, and find a spot that appeals to you, then check tides for when the water will be moving. Slack tides are usually the least productive. Much of the best beach front is tied up in private land, unfortunately, so if you know someone with a waterfront home, ask for permission to fish. On occasion these locations even cough up a few coho, but they are typically outside your stated casting range.

    For help with your casting, nothing beats lessons from a professional. These guys not only cast well, but know how to evaluate your style and casting and correct problems. It sounds like you start throwing tailing loops when you go gangbusters for distance, which is really common. If you pm me, I can put you in touch with local instructors who can help.

    You might consider joining South Sound Fly Fishers. This summer they had a two month clinic at Pioneer Park, both for casters wanting to improve their performance, and candidates for FFF instructor certification. One on one lessons are more expensive, but you can improve very quickly.
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    Now this is just what I heard, you can put epoxy over your nail knot and it will keep it from tangling. I have not done this but have heard of it being done.
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    Thanks for the resources. I have found a good spot and will keep you posted on my catch!
    Tight lines.