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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by KerryS, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Right, and you are next for a photo. :thumb:

    And Matt, I have never flipped a pontoon or a float tube over. I had one that when I sat in it, it sank It was a Togiak. What I have is a Kennebec.

    It was at dry falls one year. Right after I got the Togiak. I blew it up and went down to the lake and I sat in it and it sank. Not enough air. So I traded it for a DS2 fly rod and reel. I have since got a Kennebec. But I now blow it up tight so my big ass will float.

    But thank's for remembering that little shit.

  2. Yeah that's right fat ass, you sunk it. Good story. I love you Jim.
  3. Used to have a lot at Lake Tyee, lil brother and i would fish Vogler endlessly during the summer! Great little lake, Never had anything sink on me though:)
  4. Here's a popular hike-in lake.
  5. I have no idea on this one, but I think this is a great thread.
  6. Boardman's?
  7. I agree with theworm. The lake in the second picture appears to be Boardman Lake.
  8. Oh man I want to win! Come on, lets see the next post!!
  9. Should I wait for Scottflycst to say it is correct or just post a pic?
  10. just post a pic. its been 2 days
  11. All right I am at work and don't have very many pics here. So this will be super easy.
  12. DF beneath "the cliffs".
  13. Im going with park or lenore.
  14. niether park or lenore
  15. Sorry boys, was away for awhile. Boardman is correct.
  16. Do we get to play even though we've won one round?
  17. My guess would be Nunnally.
  18. I'm going Dusty on this one, actually maybe Grimes.

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