Where Am I?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Inspired by OrangeRadish and Grayone's previous photograph games:

    I was here. It was nice. Fishing was not so hot. Weather was windy. The reason it was an awesome trip was not because of the dinks, but because of the company I keep and the things I enjoy doing.

    I like the photo.
  2. Also a good game. I'd like to see this one stay alive. I know the river, just not the spot.
  3. The river is long, you gotta pin the spot.
  4. Who cares?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. Not good enough. Pin the spot.

    Well, you clicked on it...
  6. That's private property Mumbles! You should be ashamed!
  7. It is private property that permits access to responsible anglers who pay a daily use fee. I have no shame in being responsible and paying the fee.
  8. Cant remember the name but we call it two buck chuck and duck
  9. Remember the name...
  10. Bitterroot?
  11. Geez, he just posted a thread about the trip a few days ago. Ed, I win - I'll post the next photo. :)
  12. "Where am I?" Dude! Snap out of it! Your on the middle fork of the Flannelmouth! Yer sitting in front of yer computer posting this nonsense and not fishing!:clown::rofl::rofl::rofl:: Gasp! So am I! :beathead::beathead::beathead:

    Is it just me, or do those spring covers on that contraption in Ed's pic look like some kind of alien brassieres?

    OK, now I got it...You're on either Venus or Mars!
  13. I was just giving you a hard time big fella.

    That's a nice spot. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a parking lot. Probably not the best one to post on a forum eh? ;) ;)
  14. JAWS, on that day I was fishin'.
    Jesse, so you don't think I should post a photo of a hay comb on a not secret river at a not secret access point? Maybe they should just kill the whole freaking internet.
  15. Looks like Jesse won, Ed. Post a pic quickly Jesse or else the thing the river sign warns about may not be the only thing Ed is ducking from when others read the name on the web... :)
  16. Nice pic, Ed
    It's got balance.
  17. Sorry you killed it. This looked like a good idea....
  18. Just killed my totally inappropriate photo so as not to hot spot the best kept secret in the west. Looking forward to whatever where am I photo comes next.
  19. Here is one of my favorite places and on this Monday, I'd rather be there...


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