Where Am I?

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  1. Salmo_g, you can razz me all you want. Eventually you'll cave and invite me to go fishing! There are over 1200 rivers in Alaska. The more I look the more I want to go. Nuyakuk?
  2. Nope.

    Another hint: Matthew made the first guess, and it was closest. By far in most cases.
  3. The Nushagak does not seem to have a lake origin and has a district named for it, how 'bout that one in the guessing game. Sat map shows soem really cool looking braids. I think a guy could get lost up there forever.
  4. OK, how about the Good News????
  5. Good News was already guessed and is incorrect. Generally the right neighborhood tho.
  6. Crap! This one's a bitch :thumb: Thanks!
  7. Check the hint in post #202 again. That shoulda' made it a giveaway.
  8. OK, how about Stuyahok then?
  9. Copper river?
  10. OK..I'm baffled some. There is a river who's name is something like Mugatek, Magutek, or something like that...not talking about the Nush. Damn SG ...there's a lot of water actually. Was launching point in Dillingham? I give up!
  11. How's about 59.700494,-161.848526? I can't seem to find a name for this river. Infact, I can't seem to find a good map.
  12. The Goodnews starts from Goodnews Lake.
    In the Goodnews area there is the Eek, but it has an unnamed lake at its headwaters.
    The Kwethluk is not as far as the Kuskokwim, but also has an unnamed lake at its headwaters.
    The Kisaralik has its origins in Lake Kisaralik.
    The Aniak has its origins in Lake Aniak.
    The Arolik has its origins in Lake Arolik.
    This is tough as hell having no knowledge of the place and no maps to thumb through but I'm finding a lot of cool information.

    I say we ignore the unnamed lake attributed to the Eek and go with that one. It looks long and has some great information.
    How the hell do you deal with so many water possibilities. I thought it was complicated here.
  13. Tuluksak, how about the Tuluksak? Stony Creek runs into it. It has an airport. It is long as hell, braided, has a billion oxbows and does not appear to come from any lake.
  14. G-smolt got it. I sense this may not be a good thing. I thought my river would be relatively clear, given its popularity among small rivers. You're up.

    Porter, The Arolik is over an hour away by float plane from the Nush, and I said not in Bristol Bay, which the Nush and Wood flow directly into.

    Mumbles, the west fork Arolik does originate from a small lake, but the longer East Fork has no lake, so I neglected a significant detail. The west fork had almost no water in it in August, and we started from a duck pond near a trib to the East Fork.

    Good work you guys! I hadn't heard of the names of several of the rivers mentioned.

  15. Salmo do you have a good map that you can share with us?
  16. Wow, that was tough and interesting. Now some of the AK conversations will make a bit more sense from an orientation standpoint.
  17. Not me...I said Good News and Togiak :)
  18. While I have pictures of rivers with no names, that wouldn't be fun...here's an easy one. Somebody who still lives in WA should win so y'all can get a little more local.

    Where am I?

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