Where Am I?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. N F Sauk
  2. S. Fork Stilly
  3. SF Skykomish

    wherever it is I wish I were there right now
  4. some of you are pretty close!
  5. NF Skykomish
  6. What's left? SF SAUK
  7. wadin boot got it. thats the NF Sky
  8. Awesome, maybe now we'll get a photo of the quarry hole! :)
  9. SMC, you guys really know the difference between one quarry to the next? Crap, I need to fish more.
  10. Mike, it's a story Mr. Boot wrote a year or 2 ago... or maybe I just imagined it. :)
  11. Thanks for the compliments on the stories. Here's my submission for where am I, actually there's two- an easy one and a hard one:
  12. Been years since I've fished there, but that was my first 'instant' guess (above Index).
  13. Boot,

    The first one is obviously near the banks of the Skagit. But that doesn't count. (btw, was the kid trapped in there or something?)
    The other one is in the rearing pond at Reiter.
  14. Boot,

    The second pic, guessing by the fish i'd say Golden Gardens??
  15. Boot, isn't that first one somewhere close to Hamilton?
  16. Kerry, you are so close! Matt's "by the Skagit" hardly is precise enough. Richard, you're 2700 miles northeast of the actual location.
  18. Well screw this game I quit! I only like games I can win. Think I'll just go to Alaska for a week instead. So nyah. :p

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