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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Oh for Christ's sake. Really?
  2. View attachment 33247

    Nice Freestone, but too sunny for my skin! Here's a spot that isn't too sensitive. Its a creek mouth, in the tidal portion of a river, looking out on the main river, at low tide yesterday 8/8/10. You have to name both the creek and the river. You don't actually win anything, though.
  3. Look what you've started, Mumbles. It's like confessional in here.
  4. Ha ha, Derek, the above shot I posted is like a serial murderer confessing to sticking some chewing gum on the underside of your favorite table in your favorite greasy spoon diner.

    My good fishing spots are secretly buried! The pictured spot has produced a couple of cutts and a bunch of peamouth chubs. Best peamouth hole on the entire river is just downstream. Dang! Now I gave it away!

    I'll just be happy when orangeradish gets rid of that gif image. That animated tweaker thing he's got on there now rreally sucks! Its more irritating than a cloud of no-see-ums
  5. Geeeeeeeeeeez man!

    I have to remember that sarcasm on the internet just doesn't work out. Put the picture back up there. I'll remember to use the wink icon more. ;) ;) ;) ;)

    Here's an easy one for those that enjoy feasting on the bounty of our southern mistress. The winner gets two free beers of their choice.
  6. I didn't give up the name so that others could enjoy that spot. Its like HEY free beer an Go-Go dancers at #$@%^ bar at 5:00. Not telling!
  7. Got rid of it. Now you have to tell me a bunch of your secret spots.
  8. Ed,

    That is a neat photo. I don't know where it is. Don't have to worry about me taking that "secret" spot.
  9. Here's one for y'all. Not the biggest of the bunch but the guy holding it is the only person I know who likes to swim more then me.
  10. Well, for what it's worth, Jason and I blew it Friday when we were on the Yak when a bunch of loser frat boys floated by with their "female" companionship-a pair of blow-up dolls. We were so shocked, neither of us snapped a picture.
  11. There was a wedding party at Big Pines that weekend, sounds like the "Bachelor Float." I've never seen the Slab so crowded - RV's in the truck/trailer parking area, tents in the "No Camping" area. Cats and Dogs sleeping together, mass hysteria.
  12. This thread has gotten way out of control. I say back to business and let's continue this great idea of O-radish. I know this bunch can get off topic and run with it, so maybe this isn't possible, but I would like to think it is :rofl:

    So what is the next task? :beer1:
  13. It's Jesse's turn to post a photo; and with a recent month-long trip across the Western US, it could get tricky.
  14. Good point, whomever is UP post a photo. If multiple people are UP then each of you post one. The thread has unravelled anyway, why not fray it some more.
  15. Uhhhh....I don't think so! Where did it say that in the rules? My secret Peamouth Chub hole is just downstream from the creek mouth in my photo. What more could you want?

    OK, How about this? Right there out in front of that log you can luck out into some of these, too, if your fly gets too close to the bottom: View attachment 33291
  16. iagree

    Okay, now dishear iz mor lak it's 'sposed ta bee....humorous, funny, titillating etc. etc.!! :thumb:

  17. I'll play. Where was this pic of fellow WFF member and fishing buddy Lugan taken?


  18. Hell, I know that spot. I can even tell what rod he's using.

    Where's the mystery?

  19. alright posted mine. Anyone?

  20. Jesse, all I got from you is a red "X", so there you are bud, X marks the spot.

    Jim, are you at down by the sloughs of the Chehalis?

    This thread has gotten a little twisted. I can see why someone redirected the thread to O'RAD over M'bles.

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