Where Am I?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Depression Lake
  2. Not Painters nor Depression.

    Hint: You get to it off the same road to get to beaver flats. Now if you have been a steelheader for any length of time this should give it up.
  3. ?6teen?
  4. Beaver Flats? Lake Wynoochee?
  5. The picture was taken not all that far from the one Sean took of the Sauk.
  6. Walker?
  7. :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:
  8. Its not that tough. It is a lake. It sets just west of the Sauk River and you can drive to it. It is not Texas Ponds. Good grief use a map.
  9. "Good grief use a map", sounds like my wife.

    Map, what you mean a map, I donn't need no stinkin map!
  10. Crab ass, it is a game man, relax, twist off the cap of a ice cold bottle of water and enjoy preseason football. A nice length FG, a nice long TD reception and a recovered fumble. Have a good time with it.

    How 'bout Caskey?
  11. Caskey it is.

    I'm practicing to be like OMJ.

    Football sucks.

    9 to 3. Something to cheer about.
  12. You must name the water and the launch on which I'm standing to take this photo. This photo has never appeared in one of my few trip reports.

    Kerry, you are right. 9-3 is something to cheer about.
  13. very familiar this one is gonna bug me
  14. Modrow Road Bridge - Kalama River?
  15. My thoughts exactly; what the hell are those things?
  16. Sorry Sean, don't mean to bug you.
    Mike, sorry. Try again.
    Fred, that first photo was a hay rake. I believe that contraption is commonly used in hay and straw fields to rake up the grasses and put into rows for bailers. I thought it was cool despite the shit I took for posting the photo.
  17. Looks like the S/F Stilly down stream from Canyon creek, Below the Bridge on Jordon Road. But it probably isn't.
  18. How's about the Umtanum Boat Launch - Yakima River (145 mi)?

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