where are all the fish in the s. fork of the snoqualmie?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by flyguy123, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. I fished the s. fork snoqualmie today from about 12 - 6. I started at exit 38, and walked up a little ways from there and fished. didn't even have a single bite. Then it started to rain so i went back to my car and headed to exit 42. i walked and fished up from the bridge at least a mile, maybe more. I had a 3 hits and only got one six inch bow. Could the weather have had something to do with it or what, because i keep hearing all these good reports from the s. fork. Oh and i used all knds of flies, prince, phesant tail, hares ear, ekl hair caddis, stimulator, humpy, hopper, etc. anyway where can i catch some fish on this river. thanks
  2. I have always had tremendous luck fishing in the South fork. Here are two areas to try: on a Thomas Guide map look for the area downstream of where the Tokul Creek feeds into the fork (this stream provides a major source of food and bigger trout are drawn to the variety of the food), also try the entire area of the South that is near Three Forks State Park.

    Good luck!

    P.S.- I have had good luck fishing with a light variant or anything with olive..........
  3. i cant find tokul creek on the gazeteeer. i alos have been up to the s. fork but havent found any fish
  4. The Tokul creek is actually below the forks on the Main Snoqualmie river, below Snoqualmie Falls. I fished off of Exit 34 today, below the bridge. This was my first time there. I Only caught two fish, one nice one on a nymph and a small one on a dry. Today was a short day, I only went about a half mile down stream.
  5. I might be old---but I'm good.

    The best time to fish the South fork is in the evening or earily morning. From exit 34 down is a good place to start. I find that small caddis's work best 16,18. Anything small like a griffen gnat I think would work well.

  6. Maybe this was a typo? The tokul creek I know of flows into the main stem below the falls and has the steelhead hatchery on it. At certain times of the year you can catch great numbers of 'trout' below and around tokul creek. Most of these fish are probably 'baby' steelhead and should really be left alone so they can make it safely to the ocean and back again as an 8lb bundle of woop a$$...

    But there are a few tribs on the SF that are worth exploring. Maybe you meant one of those??
  7. I agree with old man; in the summer it's an evening light game for me. Also, I find that the Snoq fish pod up pretty good; when you see a riser usually there are several, and water that had fish yesterday might not today. Also, I think that it fishes better for me when it is hotter.

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