Where are you fishing this weekend?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ricklea1953, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. ricklea1953 New Member

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    Anyone fishing the seattle-tacoma area beaches this weekend? I am a brand new beginner who would like to watch. Just want to observe. I am picking up my first saltwater rod/reel outfit on friday, monday or tuesday.

    If you don't mind being approached and asked questions, that would be great. If you don't want to be interupted, I will respect your privacy.

    At this point I am buying my beginner gear and waiting for a introduction to fly fishing class to be offered so I can hit the beaches in search of cutthroat and silvers.

  2. Jake Bannon nymphs for steelhead....

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    Id go but with the small tide changes near the Gig Harbor area I think I'll opt for elsewhere.

  3. Les Johnson Les Johnson

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    You are really overthinking getting started fishing our beaches. It isn't rocket science. I believe that you noted that you have a fishing outfit. that is all important.
    1. Purchase a Washington Gazetteer if you don't already own one. Use it to locate places mentioned in the threads on WFF.
    2. Pick up "Walks and Hikes on Beaches around Puget Sound" by Harvey Manning. It is out of print but available through Amazon.com (used).
    3. Contact a nearby fly fishing store for a few details on places to try, the best tides at these places, and to purchase some flies.
    4. Select a spot or two based on the information you receive at the shop.
    5. Check the tides on the internet. Save the site as a favorite.
    6. Go Fishing!
    As for joining a local fly-fishing club that is nearby your home, consider it and investment that will return dividends. Clubs are a great source for finding fishing information and experienced fishing buddies.
    I hope that this information gets you out on the beaches by the end of the week.
    Good Luck,
    Les Johnson
  4. Dick Warnke was Pram-Man

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    Rick, I see your in Covington. Take a run to Puget Sound Fly Co. in Kent. Clark and Anil will give you all the help you'll need. Also their shop puts on clinics on beach fishing, check and see when the next one is going to be offered. Good Luck!! :thumb:
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    Thanks to both of you. I know it's not rocket science but it is a totally different technique and terminology from what I am used to with a rod and spinning reel. To be frank, I have never caught a darn thing from the local beaches. Fishing from a boat is a different story. I have had some success through the years.

  6. Denny Active Member

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    Rick, this is great advice. You should print out two copies; one to hang on your refrigerator, and the other to laminate and carry in your wallet. When you find those (seemingly inevitable) questions start to pop up about beach saltwater fishing, refer back to the list Les provided to you.

    You really are overthinking this. Beach fishing is not much different than many types of fly fishing; you need to put in fishing time. Salt beach fishing is pretty straightforward. Armed with a few clouser minnows, a couple of different clousers, a stripping basket (recommended), waders, tide book, and of course the requisite fly rod and reel, and you are in great shape to start fishing from the beach.

    Gobs and gobs of locations have been discussed on this forum; you should be able to figure out popular spots in no time. These location insights, combined with the how-to, when-to, and where-to information provided along in those references Les suggested should keep you busy for, oh, years.

    Visit a shop, buy a couple of leaders, a spool or two of tippet, and a few flies, and ask your questions in a courteous manner, and you will usually find additional help.

    Cyber buddies can only help you so much. At some point ya gotta just get out and do it.
  7. Philster New Member

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    Just think of the sound as either the biggest windy lake you ever fished, or widest big river, and chuck a clouser out there. Points is points, bays is bays, drop-offs is drop-offs, backeddies is backeddies the whole world round... It's all about the edges. Always has been, always will be...:thumb:
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    Okay thanks. Again, I think I have represented my question in a poor manner. I don't even know how to cast a fly line, nor will I try until after I have had a class. The classes won't be available until after christmas.

    I was not looking for a place to fish. I was looking for a place to likely catch someone else fishing so I could OBSERVE ONLY. I am anxious to get started after I have the basics down. I do have some ideas of where I want to fish and I can read tides and beach floors, at least enough to get started. I just wanted to watch, until I get the basics down. I have been out scouting beaches.

  9. hendersonbaylocal Member

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    I think the point was, if you're out scouting the beaches, bring your rod... fish the rod! Not going to catch fish if the line's not wet!
  10. ricklea1953 New Member

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    I know that to be true. I don't even know which way my reel is supposed to be mounted on the rod. From what I can tell, it can go either way. Left or right hand cast, the line still comes out.

    I will back off on asking questions until I have have a basic class.

  11. miyawaki Active Member

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    Hey, bring your gear in to Orvis this Friday or Sunday and I'll help you out.

  12. billkendrick831@msn.com Northsounder

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    When I switched from gear fishing to flyfishing I was a bit intimidated about going out to a local beach and looking like an idiot with a flyrod,but it's as simple as a rocky beach with a little backcasting room,some clousers or streamers and a 6 wt.Go find a secluded beach and fish.I've killed many a fly on backcasts,it's part of the learning process so don't get too discouraged.I think in your earlier post you said you read Flyfishing for coastal cutthroat so thats basically all you need to know.
  13. pastorbrian Member

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    seriously...do what Leland says....and Les...any whatever Anil @ PSFC tells you...

    You have just gotten great advice from Les and Leland, 2 of the most respected members of the Salt Fly fishing group in Puget sound.

    a few lessons from Leland, following what Les said, and possibly a trip to see Anil, who is great about helping beginners like us!, and you'll be ready to go...

    as a friend says, it's fishing, not rocket surgery!

    oh, and keep asking questions!