Where can I buy Oar Rites or stoppers?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Rick Todd, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Rick Todd Active Member

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    I'm in Winthrop until Thursday and then meeting my two sons and two son in laws for a 3 day float on the Yak. One of my borrowed boats, my brother's Scadden Outlaw Challenger, had the oars with pin holes but he now has the frame seat on it with oar locks. There are no sleeves or stoppers on the oars and I was wondering if there is a retail outlet in Wenatchee, Ellensburg or even Omak that would carry these in the smaller diameter pontoon size oars. One of the guys is coming over from Bellingham, and another from Seattle, so any of these places would work. Thanks for suggestions. Rick
  2. Jim Wheeler Full time single dad and pram builder

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    You might try the new Big R store in Omak. They have a fly shop and do carry a few potoon boats but didn't see any separate oar parts when I was in there but I wasn't looking for them either. What diameter are the shafts? I have some Sawyer rubber stoppers but they fit "probably" more diameter than the little unwrapped pontoon oars.

    Jim Wheeler
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  3. Rick Todd Active Member

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    Hi Jim-the shaft diameter is 1 1/4". I have been wanting to see the Big R store, so I may get over the hill to take a look. Thanks! Rick
  4. BDD Active Member

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    You might try Hooked on Toys in Wenatchee as well. Worst case scenario, we could order them from NRS on Monday and have them shipped to Ellensburg in plenty of time before your float on the Yakima. We could make arrangements to pick them sometime later this week.
  5. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Where are you launching on Yak? A lot of the flyshops carry them. Know Reds did. Worth a try.
  6. Rick Todd Active Member

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    I checked with Red's and they have the ones for full sized oars, but not the 1 1/4" ones.
  7. bhudda heffe'

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    O might spare set somewhere for ya,get back to ya
  8. shawn k Member

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  9. Rick Todd Active Member

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    I would have ordered them myself, but I'm at my cabin in Winthrop and we don't get mail here! BDD has it set up for me to get them in Ellensburg on Thursday! Thanks!
  10. SeanM member

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    They are super nice to have. I recently got them myself. I didn't *need* them per se, but any time I invited anyone to join me on a river or lake, the oar orientation always ended up being an issue for the newbies.
    Can't say they aren't bad to own for even me who has lived for so long without them. The best part is ... its one less thing to think about. Especially when you are on a river.