Where can I buy pontoons?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by tkww, May 14, 2014.

  1. I'm looking to buy just the pontoons, not a frame. I'm looking for something in the 8' range. Are there companies or people out there that sell just the individual 'toons? Thanks...
  2. Maxxon makes 10' pontoons/tubes in 10' and they are super tough.
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  3. Check out Jacks Plastics. They make a good product and have a variety of sizes.
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  4. If you really want a set of 8 footers, you'll have to buy a used set from the Classifieds section or Craig s List. They come up all the time. Look for Outcast or Buck's. You'll probably get a spare frame with it as well as most times, folks will be selling the entire package. If you are truly looking for just the pontoons, Maxxon makes a set of 9 footers, which is about as close to 8 feet as you can get and still get new pontoons, no packaged deal with the frame. As mentioned, they are "super tough" and a good value for the money, coming with a 5-year manufacture warranty against defects. I have some 9 foot Maxxon pontoons in stock, PM me if interested.
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  6. Interesting, I didn't know that. I checked their website and saw lots of different pontoon models but I didn't see where they sold just the pontoons on their on-line catalog but did see them in the link you provided.
  7. Something to consider: if you are looking for 8' pontoons for space saving, weight savings or just a good lake boat...good for you. But if you are going to use it on rivers, even a little bit, you are short changing yourself. 9' pontoons are such a huge advantage over 8' tubes [even small rivers] it's not even close. I bet if you did a poll, most guys would even recommend going with 10' pontoons for rivers, like the Pac 1000 or something similar. But there goes the space, weight and portability, compared to 8' tubes. Goes back to the not one boat can do it all syndrome! Just a couple things to think over before spending your $ and time. BTW...somebody has what looks like a decent pontoon for sale right now.
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  8. Outcast has sold me 2 sets of pontoons in the past at a very reasonable price. Don't know if they still do that.
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  9. Thank you all for the replies. Perhaps I should say a bit more: I have a pontoon boat and one of the 'toons has a very slow leak. Nothing urgent, I can go most of a day and it's not a huge deal.

    It's not ideal though (obviously), and mostly I fear that at some point whatever minor leak is there will turn into a major one at exactly the wrong time. Not likely, but also not the thing I want to figure out mid-drift.

    The toons I have are 8' x 16", so basically that is what I am looking for since I know the frame would fit on there.

    That's an interesting point. As far as size/weight, I can get the 8-footers into the back of the truck (inflated) and from a size/weight, it's just about right. But yes, longer is always better for rivers. I have floated rivers a few times with it, nothing major but I did do a 4-day trip down the John Day with it. All the gear was in another raft, and I also do not ever intend to really haul much in the way of gear with the my boat. Anyway, yes, it was a bit more towards the "maneuverable" side than the stability side, and I don't doubt that I'd like 9's on occasion. I won't rule them out.

  10. If all you need is the bladder, then you can get a urethane bladder for ~$100; they offered me a 20% discount because mine are 5 years old, but if yours is less than 2 years old replacement bladders would be free.
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