where can I find a finger vice

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by hikepat, Jul 12, 2007.

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    This thread has got me thinking about hand held vises again. For a couple of years I've been going to explore this idea just for the convienece of being able to tie without dragging along and setting up a vise. I have this idea that someday my travelling kit could actually be small enough to travel with. Anyway - I posted a WTB add for a Renzetti traveller jaw. Assuming I can find a jaw i just need the time to make the handle and learn to tie with it.
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    I made a vise from a security camera stem and a corkscrew vise head from RG France, plus an arm welded together from a rubbish finger vise - it had no grip.


    The pic shows the stem on the left, with a threaded bar for use in the G clamp.
    Remove the threaded bar to use the base (magnetic door clamp) as a pedestal base seen on the right of pic. Thread on this one is 8mm. (metric)

    Remove the head from the arm and attach it to a piece of heavy duty wire like Mike Connor's design and you have a hand vise.
    You can put a curl in the wire to fit over your little finger, if you wish. It helps.

    As a static vise, the wiggly arm is tensioned by a spring in the upper part of the stem, working on a cup, below a balljoint at the back of the arm.
    By screwing the stem to get the tension right in the balljoint this vise head is - static; angled or rotary/swivelling. Lubricate the balljoint regularly. It's accessible through the top, of course. Makes life easy.

    When mounted on the pedestal base, the base can be clamped to a table or bench with the clamp; otherwise it is free-standing.

    The whole thing breaks down to fit in a jacket pocket.
    Weight inc. base - about four pounds - without - less than one.

    RG France - http://www.rgfrance.net
    Go to ETAUX (tools) and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the corkscrew vise
    link to a pic of it..http://www.rgfrance.net/rg-etaux-tirebouchon.jpg

    The monopod stem in the middle of the first pic can be used on the threaded bar, in the G clamp for taking pics of flies etc., where you haven't got a tripod handy.

    Cost - 25 Euro for the corkscrew; the rest is cobbled.

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    Nice setup, I have my walking stick (dreaded fuckin crutch) at my beckin and bay > This gives some new ideas,


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    Thanks, Daryle,
    I forgot this...

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    The photo isn't very detailed, looks like a photo monopod, what the hay
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    yup, a monopod it is;
    take a look in this pic,
    you will see that the monopod is interchangeable with the vise stand etc..
    thus the walking stick becomes a vise base when the threaded rod is inserted in the eye of the dragon walking stick, can be used as camera stand or vise on the move.
    Depends which bits you use.

    Makes sense?
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    If you are ever up near the intersection of I 5 and the turnoff to Anacortes. The little tackle shop behind Holiday Market has these vises on a peghook in the flytying section. I bought one years ago and was just there last weekend and they still had a supply of them.
    Happy tying
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    god, i remember when my grandfather made me start tying with only my fingers to "gain an appreciation for the vise".......that was a character building experience to say the least....I think I would have rather stacked a few cords of wood....

    interesting device though, you obviously have alot more patience than myself.