Where can I get a motor like this.......

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  1. ......but slower? This one is in the 30+ rpm range and I would like to replace it with a 5-11 rpm model. It is way too fast for drying rod wraps. I thought I should be able to just Goggle it and get some results but so far no luck. There is perhaps a speed control that would slow it down but it no doubt cost more than the little motor and is quite bulky.

    I will be building a 6' 3wt rod soon (1 piece) and don't want it to be buggy whipping at 30 rpm.

    Ive IMG_2530.JPG
  2. Don't laugh, I have a couple but mostly use an old BBQ rotisserie motor I adapted.
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  3. I'm not laughing. I use the same thing, a BBQ rotisserie motor. It's hard finding a reasonably priced motor that spins slow enough.
  4. How about a sewing machine motor. You can regulate the speed on one of those. All you need an old electric one from a flea market. It can't cost all that much.
  5. Looks like a Tesla engine. Maybe try one from a Prius....
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  6. Have you tried Grainger? They have a lot of stuff.
  7. Find an old turkey baster, bread maker, etc. at Value Village, Goodwill, or other thrift stores. That's how my buddies built theirs.
  8. Dude....LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hmmmm. I have an old small rock tumbler...I should check out the rpms on that thing. Maybe I can gear it down.
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  10. I bought a 4 RPM 110volt synchronous motor from the Scientific surplus outfit back east. It is a model AC-1011 made by Macro-Yang corp R.O.C., and I think I paid less than $10 for it ten years ago. It looks very similar to yours and mounts the same. The only modification required would be to build and attach a shoe or socket to the output drive to fit the rod butts (I modified a 1" copper sweat cap from my plumbing inventory). Also you have to attach a standard electrical plug to the leads. I used an extension cord with the rotary switch and wire-nutted it together. If you can't find one, drop me a PM and I'll sell mine, as it is a spare at my advanced age and state of career in rod building.

    Post script: I don't think synchronous motors like ordinary speed controls, their operation is based on cycles/second, rather than voltage pressure. I could be wrong...
  11. Probably the cheapest way would be to search synchronous motors on ebay.

    Your could search for small synchronous gearmotors on Grainger or McMaster Carr.
  12. Ive. Type in on Google……"Disco Ball Motors". I got one for making my own fly drying wheel for epoxy heads.
  13. You remember "Saturday Night Fever" right? :D
  14. I don't know, was that in the same era as buggy whipping?;)
  15. Yeah, $40 is too much since I already have the chuck and rod support stand. I followed the tip for synchronous motors and found dozens of them on Ebay for $4.90. They are all shipped from China though, no one seems to carry them in stock here. Also looked into the disco ball motors for about the same price powered by a D battery. They should work fine also. It turns out the rotisserie motor on my gas grill turns 2 rpm. I can take the chuck off of the motor I have and install it on the rotisserie motor and be good to go. I'll cobble that up in a day or two and start ordering rod components.

    Thanks for all the good tips.

  16. Ive, I have two motors at home for rod making. I don't recall the RPM, but I'll check tomorrow morning.
  17. You may already know this, but I'll say it anyway just in case. You can try swapping out different sprockets for different speeds. Like a bigger sprocket on the motor, and a smaller one on the spindle that turns the rod...

    Did that make any sense...? :confused: I hope it did.
  18. You can go to radio shack and buy a variable rheostat to control the voltage which should slow down your motor

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