where did you start fly fishing?

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  1. campwire

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    My first time flyfishing was in the late 70's on the upper Trinity River using a Royal Coachman. A couple summers before I had fished the Kalamath with a clear bobber and a Silver Hilton, but all the adults were using fly rods and I knew I wanted to learn.
  2. Kip Kidwell

    Kip Kidwell Born to Fish, Bound to Work

    Grew up on Cape Cod (Massachusetts for the west coasters). Started fishing for stripers
    from the beach in the 60's. Used large streamers and had great luck. I have fished the same
    beaches recently with the same and some newer flies with GOOD results. It was great fun then
    and great fun now. New rods sure make casting for distance so much easier!
  3. baldface

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    Small world. My first was also hot creek back in 93. We also fished a few others in the area, can't remember the names. It was funny, my friend got me started on a loaner rod. I caught about 6 fish on that first trip. So, I run out and buy new everything. DIDN"T CATCH A THING FOR ALMOST A YEAR!

  4. Dick Warnke

    Dick Warnke was Pram-Man

    Like KEH98926, my first serious flyfishing was on Moccasin Lake and Big Twin near Winthrop back in the late 60's early 70's before the North Cascade Hwy opened that area up. You had to walk into Moccasin and we used to pack an old war surplus 2 man raft in to fish out of. If I remember right that was one of the very few flyfishing only lakes around at the time. Lots of nice Brookies an Bows. Those were some of those "Good Old Days". :thumb: Hey KEH remember that big nasty ass bull that would occationally run your ass out of there, depending on the mood he was in!!!
  5. Chris Burley

    Chris Burley Guest

    I started fly fishing in Gifford Pinchot NF on a little stream called Orr Creek. It was late June and the water was like ice. I was tossing what I now know to be a mayfly spinner into the the slow water and ended up hooking into some 6 inch cutthroat my first time out. I was in love - small fish, hypothermia setting into my feet and pulling my line out of the trees every 2 casts - it's a perfect way to spend all your (free) time.
  6. Rp3 Flyfisher

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    I started in the Mid 70s with my Father in Alberta. We went out almost every weekend to the hywood river and this was the best time in my life. After we moved to BC my father took up saltwater fishing and so did I. By the Mid 90s I took up Flyfishing again and have never looked back. Now i am a flyfishing instructor and Guide, Go figure eehh.
  7. Clay

    Clay New Member

    Red River New Mexico, first trout was on a really bad yellow sally. Never looked back...

  8. barbless

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    I grew up dunking worms in Lake Chatauqua in western NY. After moving to Seattle to go to school, I started gear fishing for salmon off local beaches with some buddies I met at the office.
    I went on my first fly fishing trip - a two day steelhead class on the OP (Hoh River) in January of 2001 . Typical that I would start fly fishing for the most difficult fishes to catch in the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD. I still have yet to see one... First fish I caught on a fly were chum on the Skagit - a memorable, cork creaking day.
    Started tying flies about three years ago. Catching fish on my own flies is the most gratifying thing in the world for me. Men are simple creatures. :hmmm:

  9. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    chubby @ tubby fly gear in a plastic package, tolt river , red humpy, 6 smolts, i was hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) ill never forget it.
  10. The Soqualmie river, by the Tolt. I must have caught 10 smolts and a few Rainbows, I too fell hard.
  11. Mark Kulikov

    Mark Kulikov Active Member

    I started in 1982. I spent a few years in Ketchikan Alaska (USCG) and got the bug after watching an Idaho tourist casting for steel on Ward Creek one morning. I was self taught as I had no mentors or friends who knew anything about the fly at the time. I ordered a glass fenwick 8wt with a medalist and cheap line, a few muddlers, sunrises and mosquitos from Orvis, old Hodgeman green waders that weighed a thousand pounds dry. And away I went. It still took a full year before I hooked up with my first steel. Bows, cuts and Dolly Varden made up most of my catch. They were so thick in Ward Lake that if I stood still long enough, they would use my legs as cover. I sure miss those days.......
  12. Alex Rodriguez

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    Our very own Rocky Ford back in 1997......Damn 10 years already......
    Friend from work took me out there and once I saw those fish, I was hookd!
  13. Bryan Williamson

    Bryan Williamson Willybethere

    At age 8 my grandfather who lived in Alaska at the time took me fly fishing for grayling at a no name ditch beside the road on the way to the Russian River. Then at age 10 my great grandfather bought me a fly tying kit, I've been tying ever since. My first trout trip at age 13 was with my father who booked us on a two day Eastern WA. Lakes guide trip with none other than George Cook, when he was still guiding for Kauffman's. 20 years later, living in MT for a period and 40 (or more??) trips to MT, ID, OR, AK, CA, Mexico, Florida later I'm still lovin' it!
  14. Snake

    Snake tryin' not to get too comfortable

    The memory of my first experience of fly fishing on a family outing is still a source of strength to me.

    I remember we all piled into the car - I forget what kind it was - and drove and drove. I'm not sure where we went, but I think there was a river there. The smell of something was strong in the air as we fished, or did something else.

    I remember a bigger, older guy we called "Dad".

    We ate some stuff, or not, and then I think we went home.

    I guess some things never leave you.

    (Thanks, Jack Handy!)
  15. Mel King

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    My first flyfishing experience was on the Henrys Fork below the box canyon age 6(53 years ago) and I never looked back!
  16. Fly Fanatic

    Fly Fanatic Bull Trout

    I started on the Madison River in the mid-90's. Still go there every summer out of tradition.
  17. Flyboy@ak

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    First fly fishing for me was in the mid-70's in Bristol Bay on Talarik Creek. For the next thirty years flew a floatplane to all corners of the state of Alaska. Always had my flyrod with me. I can remember the first fish caught on the fly, about a 20" rainbow on an egg imitation. Was hooked after hooking and that fish. First salmon caught on the fly was hitting a stream chocked full of fiesty silvers (coho). Had line burns on my hands for a month as I was self taught and never knew about palming a reel, and besides I was using a Pleuger 1494. Now I am serious about fishing, and spend 100 days plus on the water. Thats flyfishing.

    I was born in Yellowstone in the 50s when my dad was a ranger there. I remember throwing live grasshoppers on a hook and pulling trout out when I was a wee boy. Here is the oldest photo I have of me, with two loves, trout and beer. Must have been my 5th birthday.

  18. sashjo

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    I was born in Hershey. Caught my first fish on a glass rod. It was the mid 60's. I can still see that trout and that pristine piece of water called the Yellow Breeches.
  19. Brookie_Hunter

    Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

    Sherman's Creek in Perry County, PA and assorted farmers ponds near Harrisburg, PA catching bass and sunfish in the mid to late 1970's.
  20. Davy

    Davy Active Member

    Butte Creek, near Silverton, OR.... 1968 or 69 somewhere in there