where did you start fly fishing?

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  1. my turn (not getting out much these days - it's easier to talk about "back when")

    I used to bait and hardware fish while backpacking in the WA Cascades in college. I made the transistion to fly fishing in 1990 when a friend suggested I try for some of the lunker bows in Nunnally. I dragged w. buggers around on spinning gear w/split shot (trolling from a cheap blow-up raft - usually drunk by mid morning) - I caught big fish - I was hooked. I built a rod from a seconds blank at Patricks - and started dragging buggers around behind that. Either that summer or the following, I made the next step -- actually fly casting and fly fishing -- when a friend took me to the St. Joe. Needless to say - I was really hooked.

    I had my first hatch matching experience fishing the Yak by myself (most of my early experiences were "self-guided" OJT) -- after pounding the water, pounding risers with an elk hair caddis (hey, that fly slayed 'em on the joe .. it should work here, right?), I noticed tiny olive mayflies ... tied on an oversized adams ... oh ... so that's what they mean by match the hatch ...
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    Good grief another old one. Doesn't anybody have anything better to do than bring up these old threads. Start another one but do it differently.:beathead:

    This is what these make me do.:beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:

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    Then why the hell do you reply?:beathead:
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    Just for that I will resurrect mine again, can't beleive my picture links of the Ramapo river still work! the good old days, of uncrowded trout filled waters, licenses less than $ 10, even non resident ones, no guides, no drift boats, ehh those were the days of 20 trout on a dry fly in silent beautiful pristene rivers. Oh how I wish I could encounter such times again.
    Used to take days off from work and college in the 70s head up to the NY Catskill rivers and have them all to my self.

    "No School like the old school"



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    I inherited an old Horrocks Ibotsen cane rod from my grandfather. I re-wrapped the guides and decided to take it out. It had an automatic retrieve reel, and a leather/wool fly wallet. I caught 1 trout on that rod, a little 6' somewhere around Enumclaw. Shortly thereafter I bought a cheap graphite rod. My daughter is 9 and loves fishing. I think the next time she is up here I'm going to take her fly-fishing. Her first fish will be caught on the same rod... Hopefully someday when I have grandkids I'll be able to take them out and let them catch their first fish on the same rod...

  6. Kent Lufkin

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    I first picked up a fly rod in 1972 while attending Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA. I had been fishing with bait and spin gear since I was about 7, but a friend told me about fishing for steelhead on a fly and how much fun it was.

    I taught myself to cast from a book and bought a used brown Fenwick fiberglass rod and a Pfleuger Medalist reel. I caught my first steelhead using a burlap pattern on the Eel one dark winter morning fishing with my father. He hooked up as I was playing mine and the memory of the twofer we shared just after dawn is one I will always cherish.

    I spent the next couple years fishing the Trinity, Klamath, Mad, Eel and VanDuzen rivers before graduating and stepping on the corporate job escalator the year after. I set flyfishing aside until 1996 when another friend told me about float tubes and how they let you fish lakes.

    The rest is history.

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    Started fly fishing in the early 70's. Ah, the good ol days.
    Ah, this coming Saturday and a little mountain lake with cutts.
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    As a kid I was constantly bait and spin fishing (I cringe when thinking about all the fish that died unnecessarily by my hand:confused: ). The only time I thought of fly-fishing is when I used to cross a bridge over church pool on the Farmington in Connecticut and see guys fishing in the middle of a snowstorm in February (it’s a tail-water and that was the only section of river open that time of year). When I think about it, it’s kind of sad because the Farmington is arguably the best trout-stream in southern New England and unlike now was fairly quiet back then.

    I only started fly-fishing when I went to U of M over in Missoula. My father –in-law came out to visit and took me out and I was hooked. It took me a little bit but my first trout landed was a 15 inch bow on a sz 16 trico on the Bitterroot using a scientific Anglers set-up I bought at Wal-Mart for like $30. Unlike a lot of converted gear fisherman, I learned to fly-fish w/ dries exclusively and didn’t start using nymphs and streamers until a couple of years later. I think that had to do with the big-pods of bows I would come across that first late summer/early fall of fly-fishing for me. In any case, Missoula was obviously a great place to learn just because of all the water that’s near by. My learning curve was pretty steep because I was going nearly every day of the 6 years I lived there, even in the winter.
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    Got my first fly rod in about 1973 or so, which woulda made me about 10 or so. It was given to me by a friend of my dad's whose wife worked for Eddie Bauer, back when Eddie Bauer sold more than clothes. It was a 7' combo spin/fly pack rod. Don't know what weight it woulda been-probably 3-4 wt. Paired it with a barebones Cortland Crown reel, and I was set. Don't know what my very first fish was- probably a sculpin caught in Tahuya. Soon after that I was on a 10-day canoe trip with the Boy Scouts in the Bowron Lakes Provincial Park (BC). One night we camped at the mouth of a small river, and I vividly recall tossing my Royal Coachman to rising little Kokanee at dusk. Caught a bunch. That was cool. Lost that rod about 6 years ago. It got left behind at a campsite on Lake Roosevelt. I'd give almost anything to have it back.
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    Walnut Creek, Erie, PA. 1986
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    I fished with my grandfather when I was very young, maybe too young to fish. That was with bait casting rods. He had a couple of fly rods, telescoping steel if I remember right. I never saw him use one. My mother said that he was something of a dandy and was laughed at for wearing spats. That would have been in the Thirtys when she was a teenager, and he was a butcher. My Dad, probably inspired by his father-in-law, had a bamboo fly rod. There was a spring creek there in rural Wisconsin and my dad took me fishing for trout, maybe in 1954. I used a zebco spincast with worms. My dad used the flyrod, with worms. I don't think he ever tried to fly cast.

    There was a ten acre pond within walking distance of town with Crappies and Bluegills. The men would wade and fish, using the volunteer fire departments hip boots, and their new spinning gear. Dad suggested that I put a hook in the shop vice and tie on a little of the white Whitetail hair from the hides he was curing. I caught Crappies there on those white flies, in the Departments hip waders, for a couple of years. that would have been in maybe 1956. Later, when I got a drivers license I would drive the five miles to the spring creek and fish for trout with the fly rod, with worms. I started serious flyfishing in 1980 on the wenatchee.

    I don't wear spats, though close. And I fight my old enemies, demons flair and fancy, sometimes right here.

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    i started about 3 1/2 months ago using an SA 5/6 wt fly rod combo i traded my $150 mp3 player for, i think it was worth it but i will probably buy the same mp3 again :) the first cast was at Coulon, lake wa. first fish on a fly rod after about 2 months was a big squawfish at coulon, now i continue to catch smallmouth (now they are finally jumping and caught one on a popper) sunfish, and warmouth on my fly rod
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    First began flyfishing in the late 70s, home water was the Current River and it's tribs in the Ozark Mtn. region of southern MO. Grew up on a farm with 3/4 mile of riverfront, when we were little my brother and I would chase trout underwater with a handnet. The trout always won but it helped us escape the summer heat and made for some great late night discussions!
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    I started back in '94 on the NF Lewis. It's still my favorite stream.
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    The west fork Miller River back in the late 80's was where my interest started. Also, I think it was when I would browse through the fly fishing magazines and would be fascinated by the flies people would tie, especially the Atlantic salmon varieties.
    In addition, reading a fascinating biography on Lee Wulff.. His accounts that he used to catch Atlantic Salmon on size 20 flies was amazing!
  16. Daryle Holmstrom

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    1967, Lake Sixteen, Brown Hackle Dry, forgot the rod but an auto reel from my uncle. Was looking at the girls swimming so didn't see the take, set hook after seeing the ring left by said trout. Forgot about said girls for a couple of years. Use to be some monster cutts in this lake but the logging clogged the spawning stream, sad.

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    I fished with bait and spinners when I was a kid. Then, in the early '70's we started family vacations to Henry's Lake, Id.. Learned to catch those huge Brookies and Hybrids there and went back 17 times! Now I enjoy the wonder of Central Washington.