Where do you buy your tying supplies?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by mcoomer, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. mcoomer New Member

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    Just wondering where you buy your stuff. I would prefer to give my money to a local shop, but if you know of good Internet suppliers I'd like to hear those too. Also, tell me why you like the place that you are recommending.

  2. D3Smartie Active Member

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    I hunt. Gets me just about everything I need.
    I also use the local shop because they are good guys in there and I prefer giving my money to them than Orvis or any of the bigger companies.
  3. clockwork New Member

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    sportsman's wherehouse in spokane or sportco in fife are good on the budget. i like helping out the small guys too but sometimes they want too much although big stores dont necessarily mean a bargain either. Creekside angler in Issaquah is one i like and it competes well with GI Joes. if you are new id suggest a kit as buying each individual element will quickly run you to the poorhouse. I hunt as well but its more of a supplement for my ties. i have a question: where do you get hackle from the bird and what kind? last season i got chukar, pheasant, quail, duck and goose and was never able to find any hackle. whats up with that? i thought it came from the chest. -ryan
  4. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Probably 75% of what I buy comes from Avid Angler, Kaufmann's Bellevue or Creekside. The rest from wherever I can find it. Hardware like hooks and beads I'll order online. But for color- or size-specific materials like thread, hackle, dubbing, etc. I much prefer to see it in person and evaluate with my own senses than to take a chance buying online.

    I don't know why some people have a problem with Orvis. In my experience, they've got some pretty respectable stuff. I buy tying odds and ends at their Bellevue store. I think their Super Strong tippet and tapered leaders are second to none and I stock up every spring with a new year's supply.

    I've been fishing old Orvis bamboo rods lately. Not only are they wonderful tools that continue to appreciate in value every year, but if one ever needs a repair, it's comforting to know that the company that built it is still in business. Orvis was founded before Lincoln was elected president and IMHO, no other fishing company can come close to matching their' track record of producing quality gear.
  5. Randy Diefert aka: Longears

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    Check out http://www.garyborger.com He wrote a book on Designing Trout flies - Feather guide- is an excerpt from that book. This is VERY informative and I use it often.
    The answer to your question in short form is: a) neck (or hackle cape)which is the area on the top back half of the birds head to his back or "shoulders" and b)"breast feathers are often short and have squared tips and long,very soft barbs. They're also endowed with long,basal, marabou fluff. Such feathers are useful as marabou soft hackles."
    I hunt too but get alot of my hackle feathers from the roosters I raise.
  6. Salmon Candy Member

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    Locally, I drive out to Issaquah to Creekside. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and have a great selection of stuff. When I want to "scratch and sniff" before I buy (like for capes, saddles and such) I buy locally. For internet, Hook and Hackle Company at www.hookhack.com. They are price competitive to begin with, then give a 20% discount for internet orders.
  7. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    cabelas, kauffman's streamborn, mrfc (madison river fishing company) or feather-craft to name a few.
  8. pwoens Active Member

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    Silver Bow fly shop in spokane www.silverbowflyshop.com . They have an excellent selection and my buddy works there so I dont have a choice. Its a cool shop and I dont think sportsmans would like it if I hung out there all the time...they'd probably kick me out. You dont quite get the atmosphere that the smaller shops have either.

    ~Patrick ><>

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  9. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Well, I rarely go to shops. Do head to Morning Hatch and Puget Sound Fly if I'm desperate for something I don't have. But normally buy my stuff directly from Hareline, American Sport Supply, and a few other distributors (vises normally straight from the manufacturer). But, I love going into Aaron's shop (River Run Anglers) because of all the specific Spey supplies there. I make a special trip there periodically just to hang out, BS, and talk tying. About due for another trip. :thumb
  10. jabseattle jabs

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    Fishaus in Hamilton, MT and I use local shops when I just need a few things.
  11. Oneweight Member

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    Kauffman's in Bellevue is my absolute favorite. Great stock and friendly dudes willing to lend a hand.

    Can't beat them. Period.
  12. dheike New Member

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    Where do you live? If in Southwest Washington or if you head to any of the streams down here. Kalama, Toutle (SF), Lewis etc., Stop by Bob's in Longview. Tons of tying stuff at extremely reasonable prices.
    I should head down there myself.

    Darrin ><>
  13. lcconrad New Member

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    There are a few shops I really like, Avid tops my list, there is a new shop in Monroe that has a good selection "All For The Fly". I am getting a lot of stuff from the internet, I use Feathercraft a lot. I recently tried Conranch Hackles and have been pleased with what I have gotten from them.
  14. yngfishinful New Member

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    If I need something right quick, its G.I. Joes, if I'm stocking up, its The Fly Fisher in Lacey.
  15. ceviche Active Member

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    Where ever I find what I'm needing first. As an example, I've been looking for spey hackle, so I can give tying spey flies a shot. Since I prefer to buy untried materials only after I've checked them out first, I have abstained from buying online. Well, as things would have it, I was returning from fishing at Pass Lake and was about to make that turn onto I-5 at Burlington. Well, I happened to notice a sporting goods store behind the gas stations. I talked my fishing partner into letting me check it out. Sure enough, they carried fly fishing and fly tying stuff. After a little poking around, I noticed they also had spey hackle. Very cool! Have I seen spey hackle at GI Joe's? Nope. At many other fly shops? Haven't noticed so far, though that doesn't really mean anything. At JoAnne's Fabrics? Are you kidding me? So, it's basically an opportunistic thing. Catch as catch can.
  16. Denny Active Member

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    Other than maybe "hard" stuff, like hooks, beads, or thread, or items that have a grade (i.e. krystal flash), I wouldn't buy tying materials over the Internet.

    For example, not all golden stone dubbing is the same color. You might be wanting a particular color of golden stone, thinking you're getting via your web order, and it's not quite what you want. Also, it's a lot better to handle and examine your hackle before you buy it, which you can't do over the net.

    Been there, done that. Nearly each time I've purchsed something via the web that uses grades or qualitative criteria, whether it is a #2 Hoffman cape or #2 Metz saddle, I have not been pleased with the results. :thumb
  17. flyboy New Member

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    Creekside. They have it all and I live in Issaquah already, so it works out well to support local shops.