Where Is The Best Steelheading In The World

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by ambassadeur10000, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Well, they aren't the biggest fish in the world by any stretch but the Trinity River in Northern California can produce some really impressive numbers. Last October I had 26 hookups in a single day, but only 6 to the boat (they are apparently better fish than I am fisherman). I'm headed down there today so I'll let you know what January fishing looks like.

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    SE Alaska. I've experienced it. Next to Russia, probably the most pure runs of steelhead. Lucky for them, the fisheries are pretty inaccessible unless you have a few hundred grand to invest in a long range boat from the nearest marina, as well as the gas to do some exploring. Because I know the few who are doing these fisheries sure as hell aren't going to tell you where to go unless you pay them $4-5k for a week of guiding. And even then, they'd probably blindfold you if there was any indication that you had access to a capable boat.
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    Your post is a perfect example that personal benchmarks define everything for a fisherman. By 1981 the Muckleshoots had been heavily gillnetting the Green/Duwamish since 1974. Same with the Cedar/Shilshole and the Hoh. If you think steelhead were abundant then, imagine what the fishing was like prior to 1974 when tribal harvests were barely noticeable.

    BTW, if the Cowlitz was reqularly putting out 30+ pound steelhead, there should be a few records I could look up, but I can't find any. But you did get the last part right; the best days in terms of abundance and size (which tends to be a function of abundance) are long gone.

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    You guys lost faith lets try and make them better then before. Why do people just watch things past them by. Do you ever want to hear " grandpa what was a steelhead like?"
  5. PT Physhicist

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    Suggestions? Magic wand? While you're at it, would you restore those 100# Elwah chinook? :)
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    I'm with you. Take me to the Kola!
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    Right here on the internet. Best in the history of the planet. Otherwise, pretty sure the steelheading sucks ass on the Kola peninsula. Salmon fishing can be pretty good, but it ain't cheap.
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    Darth, that was a really great set of photos! It reminds me of a time when I was a kid, a long, long time ago. A simpler time, and kind of makes me a little sad. Joe's right, though; working together it can be that way again, but it takes a shitload of work from all of us, and probably some confrontations along the way.

    Occupy Skagit, 29 March, 2014--be there!
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    see ya there
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    they're workin on it
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    I caught steelhead in the Sammamish slough in '81
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  12. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Remember guys, if you want to fish the Kamchatka, you get there by riding in the belly of a Soviet-era helo....good luck with that:eek: While we're on the subject of Russia, here's a question for you geography-types. Is it possible to walk from the U.S. to Russia? No boats or motorized vehicles allowed.
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    If you could survive the cold.
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    the coho (?) run on the skeena was below target this year so the fisheries ministry let the skeena fleet camp out at the mouth of the dean. the guides at the lodge where i was staying were dismayed. the sports at the lodge where i was staying were hugely disappointed. i talked with a camper from germany who had been on the river for the same week twenty five years in a row, and he couldn't believe how it had been impacted. if they have another year where they impact the run to the same extent, they may do lasting damage to the fishery, but I don't think the folks at teh head of the fisheries department really much care.
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    Those Russian MI-8 (think that's right) are used all over the world for heavy helo transport. They have a lot of old birds in Petropavlosk to cannibalize parts from for years to come in Kamchatka. It is a different sort of wilderness flying, however. 3-man crew: pilot, co-pilot, and mechanic. It's comforting knowing that the pilot wants to get back home too.


    That was the Skeena sockeye run that came in low, so less fishing than usual. That doubled the usual number of boats fishing in the Dean Channel, all for KImsquit and Bella Coola chum salmon. And the Bella Coola chums are now primarily hatchery fish, thanks to high harvest rates that make natural chum production there a coincidence.

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    A quick Bing search says yes; Technically, yes. In the dead of winter, you can walk from Big Diomede (a Russian island) to Little Diomede (An American island). However, to get from mainland to mainland, you'll have to wait for the bridge to be built.
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    I swung through chocolate milk today on the stilly for 4 hours and gave up when the snow/slush started falling.

    I can assure you that today the best steelheading was not on the stilly.
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    Yeah but the best steelheading in your eyes is when the coho are biting. LOL
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    Fortson has a whopping 9 winter runs back.
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    Where do you get this data?