Where Is The Best Steelheading In The World

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by ambassadeur10000, Dec 31, 2013.

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    I have no excuse for not pursuing salt water, five minutes from a boat and beach, and some productive SRC water around. The last two years has turned me on to that fishery.

    I was temped to make a smart @$$ remark about pursuing winter run Blue Gill, but didn't think it would go over to well. But, any fish caught on a fly is fun fish caught on the fly, eh?
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  2. Freestone

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    I walked into a run today that I haven't fished in a few years. First two casts, 2 fish on! Made a few more casts but my line, guides and reel were frozen almost solid and it was late so I figured I'd call it a day and hit it again tomorrow for a bit when it warms up. (It was 8 degrees this morning at 9 and never got above freezing).

    Happy with my first two hook-ups of 2014, both bucks, I carefully made my way back along a 1/4 mile of ice shelf to the short but steep trail up to the rig. Well, those 2 fish may be the last steelhead I hook this season as when I gingerly took my first step onto the steep icy trail, down I went, landing on my casting shoulder. I felt something tear and searing pain and laid there screaming for several minutes, shoving my beanie in my mouth to bite on. (it hurt worse than when I broke my arm a few years ago) I was screaming from the pain as well the thought of my 2014 season ending after less than an hour of fishing. Crap. I finally crawled up the hill, throwing my switch rod ahead of me with the good arm, 'kicking' steps into the snow with my knees and toes and made it up to the rig crawling. It's been almost 3 hrs now and the 4 Advil and ice have barely helped and it hurts from my shoulder to the bottom of my bicep and back to my shoulder blade. Crap. Guess I'll make a trip to the doctor. Double crap - but at least I started the year off right, well, at least for a few minutes. Anyway, there are fish out there, just think slowww presentations. Hmm, I guess I could cast left handed tomorrow and go to the doc on Monday...
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  3. golfman44

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    Damn. Really sorry to hear that...hoping for a speedy recovery

    Tell you what, send me those GPS coordinates from that secret run and I'll bring you some get-well steelhead fillets
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    I've enjoyed my share of Steel, now most of what I do is SRC fishing. I hit the beaches on foot, am always looking and searching for new spots and am always in search for the big ones. SRC fishing for me is a good steelhead replacement. I get solitude, hard fighting fish, they jump and make plenty of acrobatic moves and are anadromous. Match your rod size and you're good. You don't always get the HAWGS but when you do they're generally hot. Steel's not a priority on my list anymore not because they're scarce but because of my location. I'll swing for them if I find myself on a river with them in it but I'm hardly motivated to make the effort to get out and target them. I have SRC fever, what can I say?
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    The proposed site of the Endbridge pipeline. The Skeena river is without a doubt, the single greatest steelhead producer on earth. The skeena has fresh fish entering it into just about every month of the year. It's tributaries include the greatest large (20 lb +) producers in the world. The numbers of just the bulkley alone would triple the entire quillayute, skagit or hoh rivers, and it is one of dozens of productive tribs. Save the Skeena.

    As for Russia, I have fished Kamchatka for steelhead, and while it does have some nice fisheries, what they have over there is nothing compared to BC, especially the Skeena.
  6. Alexander

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    The best Steelheading in the world is where the Steelhead is on the other end of your line. ;)

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