Where to break-in the new drift boat

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by BlueTruck, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. BlueTruck New Member

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    A friend of mine just purchased a drift boat and will be coming over to Kent to pick it up on Saturday. Question, where would be a good place to take his new boat and break it in on the west-side of mountains? Looking for advise for a somewhat easy float, launch put-ins and take-outs. Willing to travel a few hours but prefer to stay on the westside. Thanks.
  2. Jerry Metcalf FishyJere

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    The Cowlitz from Blue Creek (trout hatchery) to mission Bar is an easy float. You can call Trudy 360-864-2277 for a shuttle. There are summer run steelhead and the beginnings of the cutthroat run are in the river. The float is about 7mi. and offers a day's worth of spots to fish.

    I advise just rowing past the clay banks area at Blue Creek. When you get downstream of the area the power boats frequent, it thins out and gets relatively peaceful.
  3. Josh Benjamin Member

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    has he rowed before? you might want to start on a lake, get the feel for the boat.
    you might want to consider that anyway if it's a new boat. skykomish from ben howard launch to lewis street bridge is pretty straight forward, but i'm sure with levels like they are you'll be banging rocks a lot.
  4. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    What Josh said. If he's never rowed, have him hit a lake to get a good feel of the boat. Rivers are a tad low right now. Cowlitz would be your best bet, since I believe the fishing has died down. So no worries of a sled climbing over you on way to Mission bar.
  5. Fish Hunter Too many people, not enough fish

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    Tell your fiend not to be too much of a p***y, just go hit it; it just isn't that difficult. Go to a lake first? Good lord it ain’t rocket surgery. I wouldn’t hit one of the coastal rivers on my first drift it just ain’t that tough. As always respect the water.

    You'll have great fun, go forth and fish!
  6. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Only problem, there's always something that can sink you, even in a mellow river Fishhunter. I've put more time on the oars then probably 95% of the guys on this board (whitewater and driftboat). Not being a P***y, it's coming home alive. Had a guy, who rowed the lower Nooch several years ago sink his boat in a place I could NOT figure out how he did it. Guess what happened? He was not proficient on using his oars to move the boat correctly (use the current to position the boat with the oars moving you along). Came across a small log in the river (down near the old gravel bar launch). Got enough of the boat up on the log to push water over the gunnel and sink it. Luckily had a come a long down at the property and winched him out. Even an "easy" river can have it's problems if you don't know how to work the boat. He got his oar strokes reversed, and put himself harder into the log then pulling himself away from it.

    As you said "As always respect the water". Just "hitting it" isn't respecting it. River gods love to screw around with those who don't know what they're doing. Plus, alot of the BIG whitewater rivers are inland, not coastal. ;) Just most of the hardcore drift boat runs are known to be out on the OP (which are the rivers I run)
  7. YAKIMA AKA: Gregory Mine

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    Rocket Surgery????
  8. XstreamAngler ...has several mistresses.

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    Yes, Rocket Surgery, ya know, surgery on a rocket?! It's part of the med school residency format, surgerate on rockets!
    Have fun in your new drifter, be safe, pick your line and as with anything, trust your gear, trust your boat. You should NOT have to work hard on the oars. And, last BUT not least, anything is easy once ya know how.

    Rocket surgerer
  9. MrP Member

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    Rocket surgery; that was funny Paul.
  10. Dick Warnke was Pram-Man

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    Maybe he ment operate a rocket, no operate on a rocket, no wait maybe...oh hell I don't know?
  11. Flyfishsteel New Member

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    Hit a couple lakes and watch a video and THEN hit the Cow. The water is running pretty fast and low on the bend that gos left on the cliff side. After that its all cake, let us know if the Cutties are in!

    Good luck and bring and wear PFDs!
  12. Jason Decker Active Member

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    the correct term is Rocket Science.
    too funny.
    there's nothing like beating the crap out of your nice drift boat(NOT)

    a few local rivers that are easy to learn are the Snoqualmie and Skykomish.
    If you float the Sky, besure not to do the upper section. If you hit the sky. go to All about the Fly and talk to Ron about floating the river. watch out for the seam lines.

    it might be best to find someone who has a boat to go with you or follow them and shuttle together.

    a few pointers to learn.
    back stroke 99.99% time leading with the ass of the boat.
    my buddy and i have a term ass left and ass right we use
    with our newbie friends on our boat.
    always point the bow at trouble and pull back away from the obstacle
    learn to anchor

    safety equipment is a must!
    100ft safety line.
    spare oar - break down is good!
    life jackets (no duh)
    .48ruger for bears and tweakers(just kidding)
    nice knife for cutting rope
    spare anchor -see this photo --->[IMG]

    one more thing. think about the fish and how you land them and handle them, dehooking etc......... it is different then wading. you need a good boat net that allows you control and ability to keep the fish in the water (breathing)
  13. BlueTruck New Member

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    Thanks for all the input. My buddy has rowed a few times before so I wouldn't exactly call him novice, just lookin to take it easy the first time out with this boat. How are the floats on the Snoqualmie? I've never floated that river before and have wanted to check it out.
  14. BlueTruck New Member

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    Oh yea, sweet anchor!
  15. Jason Decker Active Member

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    i would launch just below Tokul Creek.
    the easiest take out is just above the confluence of the Raging River.

    there is one off of neal rd. but you might want to check it before you launch.

    once you are below fall city the river gets very slow but there area few good sections to fish.

    right now it is summer run steelies and sea run cutties.
    in the slow water you can target SRC's with reverse spider fly patterns
    check with Creekside in Issaquah. i'd talk to Hugh about this float. he is very
    knowledgeable about it.

    take out in carnation just above the Tolt River Confluence.......


    ps. this is a long float
    suggest to bring a minn kota for the slow deep stuff.