Where to buy oars & accessories in Seattle?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Thomas Mitchell, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Picked up a two man cat this weekend and would like to buy a spare oar for trickier floats. Didn't have much luck with Google.


  2. Thomas, consider SportCo in Fife. They have a pretty nice lineup of cataract, sawyer and other oars and boating accessories. I was not disappointed with my trip there. If you google SportCo in Fife you will find the phone number and you might see if they carry an exact match to your current two oars. Best of luck. Who are you planning to row around? If you have an empty seat I'm sure many here will gladly fill it. If you are going on trips that might welcome others in a single toon, I might be up for such grand adventures.
  3. Thx Ed. Mostly S-Rivers due to convenience but will be doing the easier OP floats as many weekends as possible. Be glad to have company some time. Looking forward to the scrapey season over there when the driftboats become fewer.

    My son Angus on the new cat on its first cruise.


    Took it down a super easy run on an S-river. High and murky, didn't really fish much but still fun. I used to paddle III-IV+ whitewater in a kayak every weekend but this was a lot different... In a kayak, you use very little energy in comparison, can eddy out in any little 3' pocket, ferry easily, etc. The big heavy cataraft requires a lot more preparation. I have no interest in doing any hard whitewater but have seen enough guys SOL on a river when they lost their stick that I want to make sure I have an extra...
  4. Sweet looking cataraft. I've had my toon down a few easy runs. Nothing sketchy for me, I'm a wuss. I do love being on the river though. The access on a toon is remarkable. I don't fish as I float unless I'm up front on my buddy's drift boat. I too hope to have some free time on summer weekends, who knows if the misses and girls would agree.
  5. Outdoor Emporium in Seattle is affiliated with Sportco, They carry pretty much the same inventory. Save yourself the drive.
    Swiftwater in north Seattle should have what you are looking for as well.
  6. Man, that is a killer looking boat! Wish I had one like that. :rofl:

    Yeah, I second Dana at Swiftwater. He can hook you up.

    That was one thing I forgot to mention...the possibility of getting a spare breakdown oar. Good call on getting one.
  7. Jim Lavro AND his wife know a lot about oars and have many options in stock. I bought a pair and also a breakdown Cataract from him. He might try to sell you a boat too, but a good local resource for oars.

    Someone else may have mentioned NRS, out of Idaho. Probably the premier on-line water sports accessory shop. Google them. They have the largest selection of gear I've seen.

  8. Dana sold his shop. The new owner is mostly a kayak guy and I didn't get very good vibes the few times I've been in there. I won't be back.

    Also, OE doesn't have the oar selection that Sportco does. Maybe same owners but different inventory. Call Ted's if you know what you want. He can order whatever it is you need.
  9. Ditto on swiftwater, won't be long till it is sunk
  10. Sportco in Fife. Trust me now or trust me later.
  11. I'm headed down to So Sound later this week anyway to christen my two new Meiser salt guns. So, I'll stop by Sportco. Thanks for the info!

  12. (sportco is a very good choice for oars),I bought an extra oar from creek company,8 ft that breaks down into 3 pieces & stores real nice on the back of my odc 1018,price is $79.99 plus shipping.The only reason why I bought this oar,was to keep all my oars the same.


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