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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Will have a couple of very small windows of time while coaching in Reno weekend after next. Anyplace nearby where I'd be able to unwind after spending many hours in a huge facility with lots of courts and tons of teenage girls?

    Shoot me some info here, or via PM. Considering packing a rod and reel for the trip. Thanks. Ed
  2. The Truckee and lots of tribs. Run off may be a problem. I think the Carson is also close by...don't know the fishing regs etc.

  3. Is this the time of year that people go after the lahontan's in Pyramid Lake? It is just north of Reno.
  4. Ed. I will send you a detailed pm about spots to go a little later today when I have more time. The fishing is on fire right now. My buddy and I were catching good sized bows and browns.

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  5. Fly Fishing the Tahoe Region
    Stephen Rider Haggard

    I picked up this book once while in Reno
    It includes the truckee and the Carson and many other spots

  6. I'd steer you to Pyramid Lake. Very unique fishing experience, not overly technical, plan ahead a bit so you know what you'll need and do what the guy next to you is doing. You'll stay in the same spot and cast 1,000 times and have a good chance at a huge fish using an indicator or stripping in a fly. You can fish the Truckee but to be successful, you need local knowledge/experience, otherwise, if luck isn't on your side, you'll swear there isn't a fish that lives there.
  7. Flyfisher's Guide to Nevada, Jan Nemec.
  8. I just moved up here from Reno a year and a half ago...the Truckee is great. Flowing around 500cfs right now, which is really nice. Access is really good, but the wading is tough in most spots. There are plenty of parks From Verdi to Sparks you can fish and have success. You can have solid fishing right through downtown Reno if you want to. The river east of Reno fishes well too. Like the others have said, Pyramid is fun, when its on...this time of year happens to be prime time, but I haven't stayed current on how its fishing so far this year...

    The Little Truckee is a small stream with WAY easier wading that the Truckee between Boca and Stampede Reservoirs. Its 30 minutes east of downtown Reno, but you'll need a California license. Flowing around 230cfs right now...which is pretty high, but typical this time of year. It is a Tailwater, way different than the Truckee.

    I sure do miss those Brown Trout...have fun.
  9. I'll throw in a +1 on the Little Truckee. I lived in Truckee for 15 years and that little stream was always a favorite for C&R. The area closer to Stampede in the flat grassland was always good. Not sure if it is open this time of year, it has been a long time since I fished there.
  10. Ditto Pyramid Lake
  11. Thanks for the info here and via the numerous PMs. If I get to fish, the windows will be small. I should have added a day to each side of this trip for some exploration.
  12. East walker!!!
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  13. Ed:

    Don't forget there is also a fantastic Patagonia outlet store just west of Reno. And I seem to recall it's either on the Truckee or near it, or a trib of the Truckee...

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  14. I lived in Reno in the late 1960's and early 1970's and fished the Truckee river often. There were some large German Brown trout and nice sized rainbows in the river plus some white fish. The area which I had the best success was above the Verdi area upstream of the hatchery. The Sierra Power Co. had a couple of small run of the river power houses with the best fishing being between the intakes and power house. These reachs were easier to fish since there was less water in the river in those section. These areas were about 10 to 15 minutes west of town. There were some access points off the freeway and at Verdi. Don't know if the power houses are still being used or if access is still available. It was a beautiful river to fly fish in the area above Verdi and pretty easy wading if there was no snow melt runoff.

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  15. Its on the Truckee right next to rock park
  16. Sorry for not updating sooner. Family, work and volleyball have kept me really busy. Used some of the info here and in PM to formulate a plan. Schedule was brutal for fishing, and I was the chauffeur of the ladies in the 15 passenger van, so my free time was even less. Took an early morning quick drive to an urban location on the Truckee, right smack dab in the middle of town. Cool looking piece of water. It was early in the morning, cool, but light. Browns like streamers! One was about 14" and the other was a solid 20". Thank you Reno, Truckee and WFF for some suggestions.

    Next question...where to fish on my way to Corvallis and in the neighborhood of OSU? I'm headed there this weekend. Might have a small window to fish on Friday...
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  17. Ed, glad you were able to hook into a couple browns. I love the Truckee.
  18. The trip was not my favorite, but one I'd do again. The wading was a bit tough in the stretch I chose, but not as bad as other places I've slipped and stumbled in current. The weather was fantastic, and the fish were cooperative enough to make me jot a few notes for next time.

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