where to fish near Winthrop/Twisp

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    Hey Guys, I have been a member for awhile now and have only posted a few times but sure love all the info on this site. I will be out in the Methow Valley this weekend for The Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival. I will Be camping in Twisp while I am there. I have read the Regulations and understand that I will only be C&R all I am able to hook on a barbless hook which honestly is fine with me.
    However I have never fished this area before other than years ago on Lake Perigen (when I was a gear fisherman) and I am here asking for some insight or feedback of places I would be able to access from shore. I will not have a boat and will be limited in time as far as how much I will be able to fish. I expect it will be mornings when I will have time to get away from the family to swing some flies. Any input would be great appreciated. I did get some feedback from one high volume poster from this site who said to stick to the towns (Twisp and Winthrop) as there is a lot of private land along the river and its hard to find public access. Hence my coming here to ask for any specifics or really any input I can get (places to access, type of flies to use, anything). Thanks in advance!
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    I was in Winthrop for a day on 7/4/2013 and only had about a two hour window to throw some flies. The Methow was running a bit high so I put on my Tevas and found some bank access a little passed the main part of town.

    It was about noon. I put on a bright green indicator and a nymph and started in. Wasn't getting any action until I lifted my line and my indicated skated a little. A fish hit the indicator.

    Screw the nymph, I put on a stimulator dry. Pulled in 4 or 5 eight to ten inchers through that time. Had one monster surface and take my fly but he snapped off the fly when he went deep.

    I'm guessing just about any place you can pull off and hit the river would be fun. It's probably running much lower then when I was there.

    I've heard the Chewuch if fun to fish just north out of town too.
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    Thank you Bob, I was wondering about the Chewuch I read a few reports but very limited. I guess. I just got to go there and figure it out on my own... Thanks
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    There's a nice little river called the Methow running from Winthrop to Twisp. Trout live there. I'd fish it if I were going to be there. Oh, there is public access. Just look around; you'll find it.

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    There is a ton of access if you don't mind parking where the river hits the road and walking so it would be nearly impossible to list the myriad of options. The flows have really dropped and opened up a lot more of the bank for wading and walking. Check out Goggle maps and you can begin to see the picture. However, if you are camping in Twisp at Riverbend RV park, just start fishing in front of it and keep going downstream. You'll run out of time just in this stretch.
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    There is something to be said about going out and exploring on your own. I started fishing in Washington before we all had these PC's. Everyplace I went was new to me. I fished the hell out of the Sauk, both forks. The Stilly system, both forks and the main. The head waters of the S/F Skykomish. Even the N/F before they closed a good portion of it down. Lots of water up there to explore. I think I hit most of the skinny water that was running down hill. In the general area of what is printed here.

    I even did some forays into eastern Washington. On rivers that were open at one time in the Wenatchee area. Like I said I did it by exploring. I don't know how much gas I wasted doing all of this, but I just chalk it up to fishing. Maybe our tax forms ought to have a place on there that exempts all fishing as tax deductible. Wouldn't that be a hoot.
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  7. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    The moving water would likely be your best bet. The options mentioned are good ones. You miught stop by the sporting goods store in Winthrop, they had pretty decent selection of flies.

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    Freestone- Thank you for that info. That is exactly where I will be camping. So I assume Friday Night when I get there and get my camp set up I will be doing a little fishing right there.
    Old Man- I agree with you 100% I have fished most Small Lakes from Snohomish to Issaquah and from Seattle to Marysville and most in between. I have also fished the Snohomish, Skykomish, Silliguamish, Snoqualmie and many other rivers in between as well. At most of all of these fisheries I started as a Gear fisherman and have slowly transition to the Fly over the last two years. I just caught my first fish on the fly it was my first fish on the Skykomish River as well. I had to pound the pavement to hunt down and learn the spots I fish on my own. I admit I did get help from this sight and a few others. (at least I learned the names of the places I needed to go, I had to find out where they were physically on my own).
    Scott Salzer- you are the second person to give me the advice of hitting up the shop in Winthrop... I agree this is great advice. Thank you.
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    I have pulled fish out in front (behind?) of the Riverbend RV park. Anywhere you can park and see the river is a good place to start! Have a blast.
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    I was in Winthrop for a week in late June. The Methow was still too high at that point, but we had a blast fishing little skinny water. We would drive to the end of a road that paralleled a stream and then hiked down to the stream.

    We had good luck on Falls Creek with that approach.

    You might also check in at the fly shop in town. It is in the lobby of a small hotel on the south side of town. He pointed us to the confluence of the Chewuch and Boulder Creek.
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    I wanted to thank everyone who commented as well as those that sent Private Messages. I received some very invaluable information. The census is... Check the water levels still might be too high were I will be camping. Go to the fly shop in town, drive along river if I see a spot then I should stop and walk in. I am also being told to try using a hopper with a dropper, but Streamers will get me the big trout (however stay away from Bulls and Steelhead). I think I understand what I need to do.
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    It's dropped fast, but it still cold; should be good beginning this weekend! I might have to make a trip up there myself-either that, or the Teanaway. The fly shop's inside the Gardner Mt. Inn right on the main drag in Winthrop, just downstream of the bridge.
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    Sweet I just was just looking at the water flows... It does look like they are coming down.. I have a feeling I will find some good water... Starting to get excited.
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    If you have precious limited time to fish, I wouldn't spend time trying to get to the fly shop. They seem to have irregular hours and I have never found them open when I stop by. I would just go fish and if they happened to be open when you passed by with the family going to/from the Blues Fest. you could stop in. If you need bugs, a better bet would be to hit their second location inside the Carlton General Store as the store is open 7am-8pm and you'll pass right by it on the way to Twisp if you go up 153.
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    Thank you Freestone... That may be what I will have to do, due to time. Now this is the type of input I needed. Thanks. :)