Where were the fish????

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jon Brengan, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. I hopped Edmonds/Kingston ferry this AM and met a friend at a local beach for a few hours of what I hoped would be a second round for a great fishing day that I had a week ago; the day looked great, fish were splashing around by Edmonds side and I was going to fish w/ a great FFer woman. How could it get any better, well it didn't. We pulled into the lot, spotted some risers and got to it, or so we thought. We worked our way down the beach, hitting all the usual spots but to no avail. Todays tide (my theory) was pretty strong - could it have possibly pulled all the bait and rezzies out into deeper water on the outgoing? There wasn't anything, no evidence of bait, no small fish, no flounders and I only caught 2 bullheads - I didn't get skunked though. It was windy as all get out too. Anyone else run into these conditions or have a theory??? I'm a Lefty, so my backcasting the fly out, well it really sucks, normally I have no problems punching it out into the wind, but not today. Suck olla. Well we all have to put in these days to reap the reward, I had a great day two weeks back so I'm now soaking in pity or just some hard reality.
  2. You're not alone. The Kitsaper's Outing yesterday was a bust. 10 fisherman and no fish... go figure. :eek:
  3. Yeah we had the same results this morning at Picnic Point...we saw a few fish jumping but nothing taking or chasing flies. Most of the fish that I saw were to far out to cast to. It seemd like it would have been perfect conditions strong outgoing tide in the earlier morning. I don't know what was up???:hmmm:

    What I do know is that there was an armada of boats out between us and Possesion!!!!! Holy crap doesn't anyone work?:hmmm:

    Right when we were leaving a gear guy caught something...we didn't stay to check it out...Damn job interfering with fishing again :beathead:

  4. I fished the incoming tide yesterday afternoon, starting up by the Edmonds oil docks and working my way back down south. All the salmon I saw jumping and chasing bait were in deeper water (100+ feet) and there were also a ton of fish marking on the sonar between about 100 and 250 feet deep. The most surface activity I saw was at around 5pm just outside of Shilshole Bay where a bunch of coho and a few kings were chasing bait around.
  5. Fish w/ a great FFer lady. Sounds like a great day to me.
  6. bad tides coupled with harbor porpoise eating pinks led to a short period of activity. didn't bother to run out this am.
  7. JB, being a lefty has nothing to do with your casting. You could be a righty and still stink or have a tough day fighting the wind if your stick isn't able to punch your line through it.
    If you can, try casting with the wind at your back or to the side and see how that works.

    We all have days like yours. I certainly have....

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