Where would you go the end of march?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by august, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. august

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    This idea is still pretty vague, but I figured I'd toss it out here because a number of you have traveled a fair bit and seem to know the world's salt pretty well, as well as whats in it at different times of year. Heres the deal:

    I dont have plans for spring break, and I'm considering doing a trip that would consist of a plane ticket to somewhere warm, a taxi ride to a beach, and a week of camping, fishing the beach solo. I have 12 wts and everything else down from there, so im game for whatever anyone can suggest fish wise. I think my top pick would be an area with some sort of jacks, but I'd be happy trying anything that is relatively easy to fool and could give me a decent shot at success even with no guide/boat/experience in the area. The question is, if you were going to do a seriously low budget saltwater trip towards the end of march, where would you go given this scenario?

    Because I'd be camping alone, safety is a concern, I will probably stay away from really urban areas/most of mexico. I realize I may also find that this is just unrealistic. However, its still winter here and the idea of palm trees and fun fish is really appealing. If you feel like daydreaming on the idea and think of anything, please let me know. Thanks in advance to anyone who suggests anything, or even spends time thinking about it. Ill do my own research as well, but I appreciate any suggestions.
  2. Greg Armstrong

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    Bahamas (with any degree of research you'll find what you're looking for - lots of "outer" islands to consider.)
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    Lots of DIY bonefishing on Andros Island in Bahamas. Also in Belize you can stay on the cheap and fish for bones all over the place. Tarpon and Permit are there too but you'll need a boat in most cases. But I would also take a serious look at the Florida Keys. Tons of places to camp and fish.
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    The Keys are great although you will probably want to rent a kayak or a jon boat. There's limited wading due to soft flats and yet the deepwater access is mostly restricted to bridge crossings of channels which is usually not fly fishing friendly nor uncrowded.

    Another cool trip in Florida would be the Spoil Islands in the Indian River. Several of the islands are open to no facility camping (usually have the whole island to yourself, I love it) and the fishing should be excellent in late march. You will need a kayak / jon boat rental to get out to the islands or you could camp at a state park (won't be alone there) and fish the beaches / Indian River flats by wading. Be prepared for no see ums and mosquitoes anywhere you camp in FL. Bones and permit are unlikely but redfish, snook, seatrout, ladyfish and all the jacks you want should be around. One good thing about FL is one way car rentals are very affordable because so many tourists do it the rental companies don't need to gouge you on it.

    If you pass through Jupiter let me know and I'll try very hard to get you onto some docklight snook which is one of the more exciting fly fishing opportunities ever.


  5. august

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    Thanks everyone who replied, and thanks mbowers for the snook offer. After looking into all the places suggested and airfare costs, Ive decided to do a tropics trip at the beginning of summer instead so I have enough time to plan it well and can get the most for my money. Ill spend spring break driving and fishing my way down the coast highway as far as i choose to go, doing jetties and rivers.
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    Try Loreto Mexico for great Yellowtail fishing contact Pam Bolles at Baja Big Fish-alaska airline flies there from LA several days a week.
  7. Ed Call

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    Somewhere local and hang with some wounded vets.