Where You Part Of The Fly Club At Pass Lake Last Weekend?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Caveman, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Caveman Member

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    If you were part of the fly club at pass lake last weekend you should read Felt Seouls blog. Boy did his buddy bash on you guys. You should check it out.
  2. Matthew Kaphan Active Member

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  3. Jeff Studebaker Kayak Fly Angler

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    Here's the link.

    The writer is complaining about folks paddling over his line on the shoal at Pass. He'd better get used to it. Our government-defined "fishing season" hasn't even started yet.

    I used to get pissed off at stuff like that, but now I figure the odd clueless fisherman is just part of a lake's structure, along with weed beds, shoals and drop-offs.

    Kindly educate him if the opportunity presents itself, but don't be surprised when another one pops up in his place. Kind of like fighting zombies.

    I just avoid spots that are too crowded. When they're biting on that big shoal, they're also biting at a dozen other less obvious places.
  4. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    I usually just yell at anyone who paddles over my line.
  5. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    Seemed pretty sudtle to me.......
  6. miyawaki Active Member

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    You can avoid the crowds at Pass by passing it by, crossing the bridge and going to Cranberry, unless you'd rather have rainbows and not browns.

  7. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Get used to it? I find inconsiderate behavior on the water something that I should NOT be getting used to.
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  8. papafsh Piscatorial predilection

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    Amen to that Ed.

  9. KerryS Ignored Member

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    DUDE! Lets not be giving up the worse kept secret lake in the area.

    I might be there this Saturday and I don't expect to see anybody else. There are no bows as long as your arm in there and you will have to put up with all the tulip gawkin' tourists that are staying in the park. A few of them spoiling the mood by tossing bait and hardware. Nope, I don't expect to see any of you there. Of course if you don't have a Discover Pass you won't be there anyway.
  10. Rick Todd Active Member

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    I checked the link and didn't see the criticism about the fly fishing club, but as a member of that club (4th Corner Fly Fishers) I will offer a sincere apology! I wasn't there for the outing, but I can assure you the club emphasizes fly fishing etiquette a lot. All I can say is that we have a lot of new fly fishers and sometimes guests show up as well. Our club can sometimes get 20-40 fishers out and that can really put a strain on the lake or river. I'll mention it at our next meeting. It is really a good club, with lots of good guys. Last year we raised and spent over $8000 on conservation efforts and we do lots of work days to improve the fish habitat. Again, I'm really sorry if there were conflicts! Rick
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  11. KerryS Ignored Member

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    I wonder if the guy doing the complaining is the same guy that bitched me out for rowing to close to him while he was tying on a new fly. "Hey man, can't you see I am fishing here." No, I see ya tying on a fly dickface. Screw him. He thinks he has some sort of stay out my area special circle around him. For some reason I doubt anybody floated over his line. I think he is a self rightous ass.
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  12. Casey Hodges Member

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    I love Paul's blog and read it often. That post did surprise me when I read it. The fly club folks I run into on the water are great. Will definitely stay clear of that dude when I see him.
  13. lastcall Member

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    There were two clubs at Pass last Saturday. I am also with the 4th Corner Fly Fishers. While I was on the lake with my wife I did not hear any noise from anyone. My apologies for any problems I or any of my fellow club members caused. As Rick states the club is very suportive of conservation, the environment and fly fishing.

    Ed Dahl
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  14. Vladimir Steblina Retired Forester...now fishing instead of working

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    I don't know what it is about fly clubs and their behavior on public lakes.......I suspect it has something to do with the madness of crowds.

    Here are some of the more interesting things I have witnessed over the past 30 years:

    Using the lake as a driving range by hitting golf balls. I think it was a club contest for longest drive.

    The cutting of a split rail fence so club members could more easily visit instead of ducking underneath the fence.

    AND my all time favorite....Setting up a speaker system on a small lake so members could listen to a Mariner's game while fly fishing!!

    Now I just try to find out when the clubs have "outings" and avoid the those lakes.
  15. Islander Steve

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    Leland, Don't be giving up our "island secrets".:D
    I actually prefer Cranberry to Pass sometimes, a lot less traffic noise, and it has it's share of browns.
  16. Jeff Studebaker Kayak Fly Angler

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    I thought of heading to Cranberry this morning but Pass looked so good when I drove by it – only a couple cars in the parking lot.

    Of course the lake filled up with boats while I was out there. I stayed away from the shoal and only had one boat come inside my "casting bubble," passing within a few yards behind me. I was bobber-gazing at the time so I didn't really care - and releasing a dozen feisty rainbows also helped me feel better about it.

    Incidentally, I noticed some graffiti on the outhouse wall when I left. Something about, "WFF - don't net Pass Lake to death." It took me a while to figure out the message, but I'm guessing that someone is upset about this forum advertising the lake on the internet.
  17. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    I quit fishing pass lake because of all the drama both on the lake & onthe outhouse walls. I now fish nearby rufus woods lake with a lot more solitude & enjoy catching those nice triploids the colville tribe releases in the lake for sport fishing.
  18. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Personally I find the graffiti to be one of the highlights of any trip to Pass.
  19. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    I must be getting old ,it used to be you didn't want your name painted on outhouse walls now its all the rage
  20. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Meh, caring about what others think of me does not occupy much of my time.