Which DSLR do you shoot, Canon or Nikon?

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Which DSLR do you shoot?

  1. Canon

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  1. Which DSLR do you use, Canon or Nikon? Why? I've always shot canon mostly because my brother shot canon and he could show me how to use my equipment. Just curious as to what everyone else is using.
  2. Nikon D7000 here. I wanted something that worked just like my N90S and I could use the same lenses if I wanted.
  3. nikon. white lenses are ugly
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  4. I had a Canon 20D and just got a 60D. I have to say the 60D is pretty sweet and I really like it so far! I played with several friends Nikon's and just didn't like them but, I suggest getting your hands on a few of both and see what you like. When you get out west, we could fish and let you shoot some shots if you want.
  5. Thanks for the offer Chris, i am hoping to have my Digital Rebel upgraded to the 60d by then. So far so good with it huh? We should definitely get together and fish!
  6. I'm very happy with it! It's fast and I really like the big screen. Can tell right away if the shot is good or garbage. Let me know when you get out here and will fish!
  7. Cannon T3i, with Macro lens
  8. It's my opinion that most "prosumer" level people don't need to splurge on an SLR. Have you looked at the Canon G12's? Not much you can't do with those things. And you'll save a shitload!
  9. Its great advice, espcially paired with a underwater case. g12s are pretty nice.
  10. +1 for the g12 with case. If you need to go slr, either will work well. It's mostly a matter of preference on the layout. I went with Nikon because I think nikon flashes are better, and the low light autofocus is bombproof. Get a hold of me if you want to shoot a g12 or a d300.
  11. Orange, thanks for the offer and info.

    I guess I should have clarified that I am not really in the market for a new camera, was just curious what guys are shooting.
  12. Nikon. My neighbor is a retired photog and he shoots Nikon. Since he has been somewhat of a mentor I went with Nikon also. Currently shooting a d90 but have borrowed a d7000 for some stuff. Looking forward to the upcoming release of the d800 but doubt I can afford one. I have played with a few Canons and like them also but now I have so much invested in the Nikon system I am not going to change anytime soon. And really that is what you are getting with any of the brands, a system. I have shot a Sigma also and at times wish I would have invested in one. Great cameras and I love thier lenses.
  13. +1 for the D90. I just wish I had it all figured out. It has an amazing set of options and capabilities.

  14. Nikon, 'cause I shot it all my life, minus the Oly training wheels. I'll admit I wasn't always happy with them in the mid-2000s (from a sensor standpoint), but they picked up the pace in the last part of the decade and on. You can't go wrong with either one, especially these days. Software like Lightroom/Bridge makes life a lot easier if you're willing to accept the compromises involved with not using Nikon/Canon software. If you shoot volume it's an easy trade. :)

    I've always been a sucker for Canon compacts. They just rock. I've been using a Panny waterproof (ts1) for a few years now. Has some distinct weak spots(!!!!), but it's been a rock solid, always turns on, always enough battery kind of camera compared to the early Pentax one I had, so I tend to overlook it's issues.

    And yes, another +1 for the D90. Add a 16-85 and a 75-300. You end up with e24-450mm in two compact, image-stabilized lenses with pretty decent optics. The only thing I wish is that it had the newer menu style that includes "my menu" instead of "recent settings."
  15. Anybody try the Canon SX40?
  16. Canon T2i (used mostly for video) and Canon XSi here (used for pics).

    18-135 IS, 50mm 1.8 (nifty fifty), 55-250 IS for lenses.
  17. I shoot Canon. I used to shoot Nikon. Both are great.

    Anyone who tried to tell you that one is particularly better than the other is full of it. Depending on upgrade release schedules, a model from one might beat a model from another. But that sort of thing is just temporary. They both make excellent cameras and lenses. Anything aside from that is merely personal preference.
  18. Good point Josh...

    There are equally good "system" cameras. A lot of accessories to choose from.

    However, if you are particular in certain type of photography (landscape versus wildlife)...

    Nikon has a long history in developing wide-angle lens and there are some superior lens in the market 17-35/2.8; 14-24/2.8 15/3.5 and all fish eyes. Those are Canon users drooling about...

    on the other side,

    Canon has a long history in developing the Ultra Sonic Motor driving system..Tele-lens market once was swept bythose "white Canon lens".see all the world cups game... Although I have to admit the gape is smaller now, IMO, for tele lens, I will still use Canon.

    Those are splitting hairs comparison. if you just want to buy the consumer level camera... there are not much difference...

    BTW, I shoot Canon. though I do have a Nikon body D5000 just for the 10.5mm fisheye...
  19. I agree with Josh entirely. Right now I'm using the Nikon D90. After having used Pentax with a macro for years there is a learning curve I'm still working on. I'm skeptical about the survivability of the Pentax company now. I found the Canon G series good cameras, but with the smaller sensor large prints may be limited. I also have a Canon SX 10 that has the long tele capability but again, a smaller sensor and that electronic view finder. That is much more dificult to focus than the SLR prism. I would like to see the new Fuji XS-1 which is similar to the SX40. Trying to find a camera is almost as much fun as looking for rods and reels!

  20. +1

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