Which flats booties to buy?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Kaari White, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. I need to buy a pair of flats booties for an upcoming trip. I'm not sure if there's dramatic differences between different brands- they all seem pretty basic. Can anyone steer me towards a comfortable pair for $100 or less?

    Also, I was looking at the Orvis website and they offer the normal high top version, but also the low-top version. How would I know which I need? http://www.orvis.com/store/productc...d=758&group_id=821&cat_id=5660&subcat_id=7303


  2. I realize you mentioned booties, but what about boots or sneakers. Patagonia has the Marlwalker II's on sale right now, I recieved mine last week but will have to wait a couple months to get them wet for and test them out though. They seem pretty rugged and should give good ankle support and protection. I believe they were reg. $110-120 and on sale for $47.00.

    Cheers Bill
  3. I have have loved my Marlwalkers from Patagonia. Tested all over the Bahamas, A little in Florida and 2 trips walking the worst coral in the Seychelles. probably have walked some 200+ miles in them. Friend has the Simms and loves those too. Whatever you buy , you will want to break them in. Wear them gthrough the house or go for walks in them. Nothing is worse than getting a blister on a flats trip.
  4. Good advice to break them in first. Lots of "staph" in those tropical waters. I had some blisters get infected when I lived in Hawaii. It was a real bummer, had to stay off my feet for several days.
  5. Depending on the terrain ( I may go with the marlwalker or Simms if you have lots of coral to contend with) I can recommend the Bite Primal Flats boots. They are very comfortable and keep out all the sand and muck very well. I have used them in the bays of Texas which have some pretty nasty oyster reefs, as well as in Indonesia on more typical carbonate flats...they have great drainage and have served me well so far....less substantial than the Patagonia or Simms sneakers but depending on where you are going they may do the trick.

    Good luck,
  6. Hey Jim,
    Hows the fishin' in Jakarta! I'd love to see some pics.

    Man! this IS an international board!
  7. Second the recommendation for Bite Primal flats boots. Very comfortable, durable. Particularly good if you will be on any type of reef, or uneven ground. Good ankle support.
  8. Shoot Coach a PM and ask what he uses.
    Coach provides shoes with his guided trips.
  9. Kaari

    I really like the model I bought for Belize last year, made by Chota


    Theya re a zip up model, and with the neoprene.....its like walking on a big cushion with enough ankle support and the zip up did a great job keeping the sand and grit out of the boot. The wading terrain in belize was varied, and it handled it all just fine
  10. There is a differnce, but if you're going to only use them for this trip and maybe the occasional trip thereafter, then you don't need to drop a bunch of coin. Basic booties will do. Don't get the shorties . . .

    If you can get the Patagonia Marlwalker under $50, I'd be all over those. You might want to consider buying them just a tad big, so you could use them for beach wear with waders if you hit Puget Sound beaches.
  11. I do this stuff every day all day. I currently use BITE Primal flats shoes and really love the hell out of them. The main thing to remember about BITE is that they run small. I'd order a half or full size up especially if you are going to wear socks of any kind. They are made by the same people who make CROCS I belieive and the whole inventory was sold to Cabellas. I got mine from Cabellas at about 80 bucks or so, which pissed me off because they used to be 45 from the company and that deal is no longer available but such is life. They are tough, comfortable and the design makes sense, especially the closures above the ankle to keep out rocks which they do very well. I give clients a heavy duty dive booty with a tennis shoe type sole and they also work very well in and around coral and other potential pokers, stabbers, and skin tearers. The dive booties are not expensive either. I have worn both Patagonia and Simms and they both worked well, but fell apart pretty damn fast, too damn fast for the money. Hawaii is a tough testing ground. Hope this helps. Tight lines Duffer

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