Which is a better line?? Rio Or Airflo?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by sandspanker, Feb 23, 2011.

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    I'd have to go with Airflo. I like some of rio's tapers but have noticed I get less than a season out of one of their lines if I use it a lot. I tend to get about 2-3 seasons out of Airflo's singlehander lines, and longer out of their spey lines, especially the compact heads.
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    so much mis information ... which one is better? the one you find that works the best for you... I've had airflo heads that had permanent coils in um I couldn't pull out..i've had the loops snap off or crack in under 6 weeks...all products have flaws...

    both are good products, each have their own good and bad....only thing I see is the airflo's seem to weight what they say they are supposed to within a few grains, while rio's can be off by 10-30 gr. the compensation seems to be that the airflo's lengths can vary but you'll have the right weight and the rio's are pretty standard for length but weights can vary...
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    Airflo but then there Wulff Ambush line. I really like this line for switch and long SH rod.

    BTW is there C for redheads?;) Beats blondes or brunette!