Which is bigger pimpin?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by golfman65, Jun 7, 2011.


which reel rocks?

  1. bougle centenary (green one)

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  2. perfect

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  1. Ok, to bring some true levity to the board...

    Two reels, both classic in their own ways...both screamers..

    The green bougle centenary matches up nice with the green wooded reel seat and highlights up the rod...the perfect is a 3.5 wide and holds the line with room to spare but is a little on the small size...but otherwise it's a perfect fit...

    Yeah can always switch back and forth..but what the hell, what do you think?

    A reel mystery?
  2. Nice reels to be sure, but I've never been attracted to the reels that have the handle on the wrong side. So I have Salmon Marquis I and II, Viscount Salmon, St. John, and St. George.

  3. Bump this in your whip on the way to the river. Oh nice reels.
  4. The green Bougle is definitely pimping on that rod :thumb:
  5. J. W. Young and Son's 1535 or 1540 if you need more space.
    What is that pink and purple fabric thingy on your wrist near your watch?
  6. I have to agree with the doctor on this one!:thumb::thumb:
  7. why you not keep that hardy perfect on that boutique rod? that just a meat stick.... for me, only hardy perfect...

    TIM!!!! TIMMMMMMMM!!!!!!
  8. I'm going with the perfect. The louder the prouder!
  9. This is a joke right?
    What is that cute bracelet thingy?
    Did you know that your rainbow sticker looks like its fading on your suv? Time for your 4th sticker?
  10. zum green bling
  11. Wrong side? I guess if you are a southpaw.
  12. you guys talking smack about my bracelt? Oh I don't think so bitches..Lol

    Ok, I got it from one of my daughters friends who was selling them to raise money for a trip to africa..
    I'm a sucker for that stuff..

    Well figured I had to add something to all the fun on here...Erik, stop sending old pictures of fish YOU caught to timmy...he sends them to me with fictional accounts of HIS fishing skills..lying bass turd..
  13. p.s. Yeah I knew your answer...

    that's the new boutique rod that I was talking..a 12'6" 5/6 mks...sweet and powerful..

    That bougle maybe the dryline reel for it...
  14. you must cast left handed if you think the handle is on the wrong side for you!

    nice reels, keep changing up depending on your day.
  15. Nelly Boutique Sanford
  16. Listen dummy...

    Erik sent me your picture from fishing with him this past weekend...I wouldn't be calling the kettle black. something about how you and jimmy roll???

  17. wow..wow...wow.. hold there for a minute yu talking about me again.... comon paul,
    love the new rod, have the same perfect, but without the line guide, nice pick up.....
  18. Listen up Goofy! At least I don't roll with a pink bracelet. Or a backward set screw. Whoot Whoot - Bears are handing out another beating.
  19. It is one thing to buy the bracelet that some little girl is selling for a fund raiser, altogether a different thing to wear it while "pimping" your new rod and trying to decide which reel accessorizes it best...what a strumpet tart. Fish one in summer and one in winter and lose the bracelet.

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