Which Lamson Litespeed for a spey?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Mulligan, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Mulligan

    Mulligan Stephen Mull

    I just got a Lamson Litespeed 3.5 for my TFO 13'3" 8 wt and I am wondering what size Lamson are generally run on an 8 wt spey? The 3.5 holds WF9-200 yds./20 lbs. I guess it just doesn't seem as big as some of the reels I have seen on spey setups.
  2. Ringlee

    Ringlee Doesn't care how you fish Moderator Staff Member

    Go with the LS4. I have a 450 Skagit spey with 150 yards of 30 Gelspun on it. The speylines are a lot thicker than a traditional fly line.
  3. Aaron Banks

    Aaron Banks Member

    I just got a LS4 and thought it was over kill on my 7wt 13'3" (lots of spool left with the line rigged on it, 100 yards w/ 8/9/10 windcutter and tip). I ordered the LS3.5 and will compare the two loaded to see the difference, then send one back. If you already haven't made a decision I'll post my findings.

    BTW, this is my first spey setup so take it for what it's worth. It just seemed like there was way to much room left on the spool even if I were to put on a skagit cheater or more backing.

  4. Aaron Banks

    Aaron Banks Member

    The LS3.5 won't work on the above setup for me. I will be using the LS4.

  5. Mulligan

    Mulligan Stephen Mull

    I might be stuck with the 3.5 as it was a gift. I am waiting for a Rio Skagit head to arrive. So I will post my results with what I can fit.

    KENAIKING New Member

    The main issue isnt really capacity its more of weight. You want a reel that will balance the rod. I found out the hard way with my 7136. I started with a ls4 way too light, then went to a teton tioga 10 still to light then ended up with a loop 3w, ahhhh perfect. :beathead:
  7. Rob Zelk

    Rob Zelk I swing, therefore i am.

    Mull, I'll trade ya for my 4. I have to send it in to be fixed first though. But really I'd use the 3.5 for your rod. If you really want the 4, i will send it to be fixed, who knows, maybe they'll replace the whole reel, if not i would pay you extra for compensation of the reel being used already, if they don't replace the whole thing, because i do want the 3.5. But i still think you should try it, you may find its fine.

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