Which raft is the perfect raft?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Ryan Buccola, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Thinking about selling the Koffler and buying a raft...needs to be able to pack gear as well as fishout of...waddahaya think? Not looking to spend $6k, thinking i should be able to buy a package right now for around 2500-3500 bucks...
  2. I looked around on all the Craigslists within driving distance last year for nearly a year before finally jumping at a raft in Portland last October. I got a 13 1/2 foot Momentum hypalon raft with a NRS rowing frame and a trailer with it for $2500, which I thought was an awesome deal. Most of the 14 ft rafts with fishing frames and trailers are well over $5000, at least at that time. I've added the front and back fishing seats and anchor setup, and added a roller bar and winch to my trailer. I did not get the standing platform for the seats or the lean bars though. With the economy as it is, perhaps you can do better than I did, but just keep on searching. I would think you would want a 14 ft raft with a fishing frame and trailer. I would think the "perfect raft" would be an NRS raft with a full fishing frame and raft trailer, though having the seats on restricts your carrying capacity to some degree. Good luck with you search.

  3. Ryan, you want a boat with a fairly flat waterline (there are some that have less length in thier hulls then others). I'd suggest a self bailer.

    I go with Wayne's suggestion. CL has some great deals, when you can find them. Rafts don't come up that often, especially fishing related. But have seen some nice ones. But I'll say you'll be paying almost $3,000 for a decent setup.

    You can have a custom frame built, if you find just the raft itself. Then you can customize the crap out of it. Make a standard frame with your rowers and front passenger seats being dryboxes (or coolers). Mount the seats to the coolers and you have some storage that is kind of lost with some of the frames. I always try to maximize my frames, and this has worked like gold.
  4. guys thanks for the feedback! I am think self bailing 14 ft frame,seats, anchor set up. I am in the hunt!
  5. I did the same thing years ago, sold my drift boat and bought a raft. Since I don't pull plugs and typically get out of the boat to swing flies, I just thought a raft was a better choice for me. Plus, I can haul more gear for extended trips.

    Craigslist is a great source. Also check out this link to the NRS gear swap board. Lots of used boats are listed on there.
  6. Damned, thanks for posting that Speydude. I always toss the NRS board on there. Can't believe I forgot that one.
  7. :thumb:It's aw-ight. I got your back Jerry.
  8. I got a cosmetic blemished Aire super duper puma from Aire the in late 2007 for $2650. It is a great boat, have had it on the Owyhee, Salmon, Deschutes for week long trips and it hauls quite a bit considering it is narrower than most other 14 footers. Also the Tributary series is pretty good value and will haul more than the Super Duper Puma

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