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  1. Hello. I'm new to the area and own two fly rods. I want to sell one of them but I'm not sure which will be more useful for me here in Washington. I'm mainly interested in trout but might want to do some steelhead/salmon fishing at some point. Currently, I have a St. Croix Avid, 9 foot 6 weight and a Sage, 10 foot 8 weight. I used the 6wt for trout and bass in Michigan and the 8wt for Stripers in Maine.

    The 6wt was a bit large for some of the streams in Michigan but I get the impression that the trout-bearing waters in Washington are a little bigger. The 8wt was great for surf fishing and large river fishing but way too big for most of the stream fishing I did back east (also a fairly stiff rod).

    I've never fished for salmon or steelhead - can I get them on the 6wt? I'm leaning towards selling the 8wt. Any good arguments to keep 'em both? :)

  2. :THUMBSUP Welcome to the area and, welcome to the forum.

    Please don't take this badly but, this subject seems to come up every month or so. Please take the time to check out the previous posts for the past year and I'm sure you will have MORE than enough info to help.


  3. Keep the 6. Most of the time I use a 5 that I have. Steelies and salmon on the 5 are a blast, but bigger fish worry me that I may break a rod. Your 8 would be going out with too much stick and would take away the fun of battling with lighter gear. Trust me.
  4. Yeah, you don't want that 10' 8wt. NOPE, not at all. You should just sell it to me. I'll take it. :) I'd GLADLY take it off your hands. LOL

    Depends on what you prefer to fish for. If you're more a die hard trout, then you have options to hit trout here. SO sell me the sage, you don't need it. :DEVIL

    "You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts."
  5. Thanks for the head's-up. I'll search the previous posts.
  6. An 8wt rod is perfect for salmon/steelhead in Washington.
  7. just remember, throw 'em back

    keep the 6, sell the 8. The 6 is more than enough rod for te majority of yur fishing needs. Realistically it will hndle everything except a chinook or a large steelhead, but even then it is still possible. the 6 will also make the fish you do catch that much more enjoyable. wait til the humpies come next year and you wont believe you even thougt aout getting rid of that 6 weight!
  8. 6wt:

    Heavy for nearly all of our trout.
    Just right for fresh water bass and warmwater fishig.
    Just right for most rock fish in the salt.
    Just right for summer steelhead.
    Just right for pinks (odd years).
    Weak for most mature coho (salt or fresh).
    Weak for all mature chinook (salt or fresh).
    Weak for all mature chum (salt or fresh).
    Weak for most winter steelhead.


    Just right for winter steelhead, coho, chum.
    Still a little light for adult chinook.
    A little heavy, but OK for summer steelies and Pinks.
    Heavy for most warm water (other than tiger musky...)
    OK for most saltwater (but heavy for SRCs).
    Our trout won't even bend it...

    If you are a trout guy most of the time, stick with the 6, but you will still feel over gunned. If you start getting more into salmon and steelhead, you'll probably be OK if you stay away from the kings (and you are pretty limitted on the chance to fish for them anyway...).

    my .02 cents...

  9. Okay, I'll jump in -

    Keep them BOTH. You then have everything covered well.

  10. Sell the 6wt and buy a 4 wt for trout ect. Use the 8
    for steelhead/salmon. If you keep the 6 you have a summer run
    steelhead rod. But for most trout in this state a modern 6wt is
    to heavy for my tastes.
  11. Keep both and you will be set for anything! If you get rid of the 8 wt you will kick yourself come fall and winter. :TSKTSK
  12. Wow, this question needs posted on a FAQ section. The only good answer is you need a 2, 5, 6, 8, and 10 wt rods in this State if you are going to experience all it has to offer.
  13. Intriguing... I hadn't thought of that. I suppose I could still use the 8wt for summer steelhead.

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