Which Saracione or Loop-Classic to match a Sage ONE 7136?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Flycaster99, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Flycaster99 Member

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    Having a tough time deciding between the Saracione and Loop Classic to match the ONE 7136. To make matter worse, I'm not even certain if the 4" reel or 3.75" reel (for the Loop it will be between the 7/9 and 8/11) would balance the rod better. I'm using a Tibor Riptide on the rod now and the outfit feels a little tip heavy, so I guess I can use a bit more weight on the reel. My basic line set-up is a 550gr Skagit line with 120ft of slick-shooter running line plus 200yrds of backing. Would the Saracione 3.75" or Loop 7/9 reel have sufficient capacity? Any opinion or experience would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Rob Ast Active Member

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    If you like the Tibor why not just add a little weight to the reel or butt?
  3. Flycaster99 Member

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    I do like the Tibor but I'm looking to try out a classic style S-Handle reel at the same time....
  4. Dave Evans Active Member

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    re: Saracione, just give Joe a call. Great guy to talk to and he will set you up with what you need.
  5. John Wallace Active Member

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    I would go with the Spey Co. Nice reels at a great price. But if you do want his, I would go with the Saracione.
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  6. William Wallace Active Member

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    I agree with my brother, for once in my life! well there might have been another time, but that's another story.

    Speyco's would look and balance that rod out wonderful.

  7. Tacoma Red Active Member

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    If money isn't the issue I'd go with an SA Bogdan #2 Salmon
  8. bconrad Member

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    I have the classic 811 and an older speyco 4" reel...I would think either would be fine on that rod, i fish mine on 13-13.5 rods and although I don't pay much attention to balance they both seem fine.

    The classic has worked great for me and I've heard nothing but good things about the Sara. I really like the classic click, it has a great drag, and it has been really reliable unless you count the clicker going out (which comes back once you pull a little line out).
  9. Flycaster99 Member

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    Thanks for all the input. Much appreciated!
  10. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    The classics are heavy reels, the 8/11 is real heavy for a ONE, even a 13.5 footer. The rod is just too light. Some people aren't too concerned with proper balance on a Spey rod but I think it makes a huge difference in comfort while fishing all day.

    I would think something around 9-10oz with 11oz max would feel really nice and help keep the tip down during the swing for a lighter more effortless feel. But that's my opinion only. If you aren't too worried about perfect balance, that 8/11 would look sweet on there.
  11. bconrad Member

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    Sean makes a good point, those reels balance my rods ok but my stuff is older and no way as light as the new Sage rods. I think the Sara is as heavy or even heavier than the Classic and Speycos.

    If you are ok without having a drag, I bet a Marquis 2 would be a lot better balanced on that One. A 4" bougle would be sweet too, and if you really want to drop some coin check out a Farlex.
  12. ImperialStoutRunsThruMe Member

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    Whatever you decide, post photos in this thread once it is all set up.

    I love the look of the Loop Classics.

    And the Saraciones.

    And the Speyco's.
  13. Rob Allen Active Member

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    3 3/4 on the scarcione
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  14. rustybee Member

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    Whatever you choose, you optimally need something in the 10-11lb range to balance that rod (excluding line/backing). Check the manufacturers specs for spool capacity based on this and you'd be able to narrow it down. Good luck on the search!
  15. pirate Member

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    Farlex 3 3/4 would be pretty awesome with the silent incoming and outgoing click!
  16. dreamonafly Member

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    Best fit would be an hardy bougle mkiv or mkv; it's an perefect fit for your rod..trust me, I own them all..if you must the loop 7/9 is plenty, the saracione 3 3/4 but would be bit heavy for your rod.. Get the bougle if you can find one, keep it in good condition, you can flip it,in ten year and make some money. The loop and saracione will only depreciate...